ACHOSEN-FEW.COM 2011 Street Comps Announcement

Written by Quinn Feldman 

We have the Rockillers crew who organized our first competition that just went down on April second. We got the infamous Santee crew who are known for their outragous behavior but will soon be known for their insane events and have already started building obstacles for the final spot. NYC’s own Ray Mendez who has put together all types of events and is an important part of the always growing and amazing NYC skate scene. We have our UK organizer Nicky Shands who recently started a new clothing company called Nigma. We have Claudio Antonelli from Switzerland who has already worked with us on other projects like the popular Beat Schillmeier profile. For our German event we have Daniel Prell who I’m pretty sure you all know for good reason and Maik Lojewski who is in charge of the popular rollTogether-Sessions. We got Zach Nelson and all the We Are One Skatepark guys throwing an event in their brand new skate park built by bladers. Chosen Few pro Sean Knight and his friends Aaron Wheat & Dan Lefebre are putting together the Ontario comp. And the man who brought you the A-Town stomp last year and possibly the calmest and coolest organizer ever, Mr. Carson Starnes. 

All the competitions are a part of the Chosen Few street comp series. Every competition is a chance for skaters to earn both WRS qualifier points and Chosen Few points. Just like WRS the top 10 skaters also get Chosen Few points. At the end of the series all the scores will be added up and we will have an overall top 10 for the season. 

The final competition will take place for two days on August 19 and 20th where we will have a street comp qualifier and a final street comp. Every skater who places first or second at any of the other competitions automatically makes it to the finals and doesn’t have to compete in the qualifiers unless they choose to. 

I have been organizing street comps for 4 years now, and ACHOSEN-FEW.COM makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Every Chosen Few street comp is organized so every person who comes to the event can skate, party and have an awesome time because ACHOSEN-FEW.COM’s organizers are on top of everything all the time.

-Quinn Feldman