The skate spots are unique. The general lack of morality is enticing. Beer flows like rain. But the real reason people come together in Atlanta once every 365 days is for the community. This year, for the A-Town Stomp numero 9, the Starnes boys partnered with Rollerblade, Arches Brewing and the Cayenne Project to realise their event in the comfort of one of Atlanta’s best breweries, and bring to the South the only American screening of the newest Boysen & Büttner film, “Formosa”.

Photos: Joe Moriarty, Jason Belisha
Video: Jamie Olmstead & Seth Lloyd

The likes of Chris Farmer, Montre Livingston, Chris Smith, Ray Kronenberg, Adam Bazydlo and Soichiro Kanashima showed up to shred the Starnes boys’ bodacious skate boat.
Peep the coverage through the lens of Footage Tape’s very own Jamie Olmstead!

1st Place – Montre Livingston ($1,000)
2nd Place – Soichiro Kanashima ($300)
3rd Place – Adam Bazydlo ($150)
Best Trick – Chris Smith ($250)