A Chosen Few Rockillers Street Comp Report

Photography by Quinn Feldman, Casey Adoma and Dustin Dill
Text by Quinn Feldman

Winston Wardwell decided to warm up with a true fish on the down rail, Iain Mcleod warmed up with his usual perfect 900° and a bunch of other skaters were already going to work on the first spot which were the 3 ledges at the skate park. The ledge they had previously picked out ended up getting capped before the comp so it was decided there was not going to be a ledge spot. But then we decided to make the first spot the ledges at the skate park and then make the original second spot a continuation of the first spot so skaters had two different spots to combine their points before we had to eliminate competitors. 

Iain McLeod skated as good as anyone will ever skate a ledge at spot 1 which is usually expected from him. He laced full true fish, full true top porn, full true top acid, hurricane top soul, full cab ao top acid and true top soyale up and across the higher ledge and every one of them was first try. Russell Day laced true top porn up the down ledge which he seems to be doing a lot now if you caught the last Barn Burner edit. Tyler Hester laced a few tight tricks including his patented true spin negative mistrial. Winston Wardwell hit a nice true fish all the way across the long ledge and Daniel Rosado laced all his steezy solid maneuvers racking up a good deal of points. 

Iain McLeod

The continuation spot were these little down rails with higher flat rails you could transfer from. Damon Franklin laced a nice 360° switch and regular over the set and Mr. Hester laced a true farv and hurricane sweaty on the rail. Heat 2 would have been amazing especially with transfer king Winston Wardwell in that heat but unfortunately we were kicked out of the continuation spot and only the first heat got a chance to skate. 

So then the 3rd spot became another continuation spot for the second heat only, and craziness went down. This spot is amazing and one of the names for it is “Better than sex rails” named after a Champion Baumstimler quote. Although these rails are amazing I refer to them as “Not better than sex rails” but you can also just say mountain rails or Ontario high. 

A face you may not be familiar with, Eric Schaefer, laced best trick of the comp in this round with a hurricane porn and a fakie 450° back farv on the down ledge. Jeff Hamm also had some smooth moves on the rail hitting a perfect true kind grind first try and one of the smoothest 360° souls I have ever seen. Iain Mcleod laced a good 540° over the set and Winston for some odd reason decided to lace top mistrial transfer soul and kind grind transfer ao makio.  


Finally it was time to add up some scores and see who would move on to the next round, the next round which I guess you would have to call the 2nd round was on a flat rail that got higher towards the end and then the final spot was right behind that at this crazy difficult kink rail. Unfortunately once again we were greeted by the cops who were polite in a way but still kicked us out and didn’t let us skate. Fair enough I guess their just doing their jobs but fuck them anyway our comp is more important. 

Luckily we had Alex Miranda as a judge and we were in his home town and he took everyone to another flat rail where the comp continued. Tyler Hester laced a front torque for about 30 feet. Wardwell laced sweaty to 360° top soul and I would say every competitor there was having fun just going as fast as they could and doing the whole rail. After this spot came the final spot which was in the same park, so everyone just walked over there and we started what was soon to be an exciting final round. 

The final spot which is a spot I will never go back to was this 10 stair rail. You had to run through grass on the run up, there were poles right next to one of the rails and the landing was the worst gravel I have ever seen. It looked like it would hurt to even walk on hit. Needless to say if you were going to put your hands down on that surface you were guaranteed to bleed. 

Jeremy Soderburg

Everyone started with their basic tricks and then Iain laced a nice soyale to get things moving. Tyler Hester was the first to hit a spin trick on to it which was half cab top soul and top acid. He also did a nice hurricane soul and hurricane acid and with this run up that makes those hard tricks even harder. He also laced a perfect hurricane top soul. Wardwell was getting busy doing tricks with both feet lacing kind grind both ways and ao fish both ways. Russell Day did a ton of tricks, 270° back farv, ao fish, ao top acid, front torque and 360° top torque soul. He almost hucked a 450° front farv perfectly and if you have seen Russell’s steeze you know his front farvs are a thing of beauty. His legs are like rubber bands. Also want to give props to Anthony Luna who had my favorite trick of the round and perfected it which was the hurricane sweat stance. But no one took take out Iain McLeod who hit ao top acid, ao top soul, hurricane soul, 450° royal and put the icing on the cake with a perfect 540° soyale. 

I want to thank our bronze sponsor: Aggressive Mall, our supporting sponsors: Be-Mag, Intuition Skate Shop and Razors as well as our regular sponsors: Jug, Ground Control, Ripstyle, Kallusive Clothing and Remz. I also want to thank the Rockillers for teaming up on this event. Thanks to the judges. Special thanks to Alex Miranda and Hunter Hill for helping us out with the spots. And thanks to everyone who came out. 

See you May 21st for ACHOSEN-FEW.COM’s next event, the Santee Street Comp.

-Quinn Feldman

Tyler Hester