„Snowy Day in the Mitten“ Contest Report

Story by Brian Weis
Edit by Brad Osantoski 

Here in Michigan for the fourth consecutive year a „Snowy Day in the Mitten“ contest has came and past just as the holidays. As the saying goes everything gets better with age and this contest continued to prove that true.

This year we moved the event to the Modern Skatepark in Grand Rapids, MI and people from all over the state (even beyond) came out to blade and watch the action go down.

Every year this contest out does the last and this year was no exception. What can I say, we had over 30 competitors and raised $563 for a first place purse, which isn’t too shabby for a nights work.

Everyone killed it and I could go through every trick in every round and tell you how dope Michigan blading is but thanks to a select few you can watch all the action go down for yourself in the edit below. Enjoy and stay tuned for a „Day in the Mitten“ contest summer 2011…



  1. Edward Gilley
  2. Eric Laban
  3. Cody Boulay
  4. Scott Dawda
  5. Charlie Sparks
  6. Matt Osantoski
  7. Jacob Cawley
  8. Andrew Kouts
  9. Joe Hawkey
  10. Tanner Huizinga

Big thanks you’s to Chris Couture, the judges Adam Niemara, Josh Jones, Mikey Blair, Charlie Pettit, the DJ’s Derek Bell and James Fisher. Video/graphics by Brad Osantoski, Alex Beaupre, Randy Molina, Brad Bruce, and Kevin Bomers. Thanks to Modern Skate Park and its staff, everybody who puts on blades in Michigan, Mark V., Sixwonsix, Remz, Isaac @ Eulogy, LOWLIFE, 50/Fifty, and Be-Mag.

Charlie Sparks – 180° bonk

The crowd

Ed Gilley – Bank to a/o topsoul 360° out

The judges

Eric Laban – Fishbrain to cross grab backside backslide

Matt Oz – Sweatstance through the kink to truespin mizou

„Day in the Mitten“ snowman