Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

Although many see the Bitter Cold Showdown as one of the most exciting competitions in the world; our main focus has shifted towards sustaining the official industry trade show and the activities that surround it. Since the very first Bitter Cold Showdown the trade show has offered an unmatched platform for companies to interact, sell and promote their products directly to the rollerblading consumer. We have come to the conclusion that this has become the most valuable and beneficial aspect of the event and will do all we can to improve and maintain it as the standard within the rollerblading industry.

Beginning in 2009, the Bitter Cold Showdown will become part of the World Rolling Series. The main goals of theWorld Rolling Series are to unite rollerblading under one organization that will work towards the growth, global recognition and promotion of rollerblading to the outside world. Kato Mateu, Jon Julio and Brian Shima founded the World Rolling Series and brought together representatives from every boot company into the organization. It was founded on the ideals that if rollerblading is truly going to grow it’s size, strength and recognition, it must be headed by an organization that is truly representative of the entire rollerblading community. The World Rolling Series has only just begun and in order for it to survive it needs the support, input, hard work, talent, criticism and insight of every soul that is willing to stand up and declare to the world that they are a rollerblader.

The Bitter Cold Showdown is completely organized by rollerbladers, for rollerbladers and supported by the rollerblading community. At a time when there seems to be less and less support for rollerblading we will continue to do everything we can to bring rollerbladers together and help strengthen and grow the rollerblading community.

– Daniel Kinney
Event Founder and Organizer