A Chosen Few: Santa Clarita Street Comp

Film and edit by Steve Henry
Text by Quinn Feldmann

The format for Chosen Few street comps is 3 rounds each skater has to rack up points. Each trick is given a score of a 1, 2 or 3 or nothing if it’s not good enough to score. Then at the end of the round the scores are tallied up, the points do not carry on to the next round. So when the next round starts everyone starts at 0 and skates and earns more points and then the same thing with the final round. The best overall day will determine where you place. The points do get more valuable depending on the spot though so we do not do who ever has the most points wins because that means people can get 40 points on the easiest spot and the feel like they don’t have to skate as hard on the last two. For example some one who scores 10 points on every round will probably beat the person who scores 40 on the first and 2 in the second and third. Then there is a separate best trick. Best trick helps you win I suppose but it is only worth the highest score which is 3 points. The judges just name it “Best Trick” and then you get a prize for that as well. The format is made to make every skater skate hard at every spot. The judges make the final decision of who places where. Not the crowd for home town hero purposes, and most definitely. not I. I have my own opinion on the comp but i am not a judge because it would be too biased that way. It is always hard to find good judges for anything that are not going to be biased at all. But I think the judges know best because while I am running around making sure the comp is going as planned I don’t see every trick, the filmers obviously don’t see every trick and the crowd can make up the top 10 list. So the judges have to make the decision in the end. And it wouldn’t be right to over throw them unless there was a major issue and if there was it would be noticed fast. It would be nice if we had a play back system but not enough money right now. lol.
I could list the tricks I saw done of each skater and their scores but I didn’t even know fabio bc roy 540 the smaller kink until today. Over all though the comp went as good as it could have gone.

It was 105 degrees out in Santa Clarita on September 4th which is not ideal for skating but that really didn’t matter because The Chosen Few Street Comp was going down and the heat was no match for the level of tricks that went down. All the skaters busted out, there were over 100 people in attendance, no busts, epic spots, great after party, It couldn’t have went better. Well it would have been nice if it were only 85 but fuck it. This edit was made by a contributing filmer for Chosen Few named Steve Henry who does great work. Thanks man. Thanks to all our sponsors who really threw down hard as well.