Montre Livingston is one of the biggest names in rollerblading. He is a pillar in our industry and will continue to push the progression of our sport for years to come. He is what people think a pro should be. He is a great coach and is truly an entertainer when it comes to competing. Any competition you see him in he is interacting with the crowd and supporting the other competitors.

He has a high energy and a positive way about him that is contagious to everyone in his presence. He is just a fun guy to be around. When it comes to his skating, his style is entirely unique and smooth as silk. Montre can do it all from spins, flips, hammers and technical tricks. If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel, you definitely need to go check it out. He posts vlogs, workouts, stretches, and edits of his family and friends. You get a look into his day to day. Some of his vlogs are like going street skating with him, it’s great! He has accomplished so much during his career and we all look forward to see what he has in store for us.

In this interview we discuss his recent injury, parenting, life, and future plans. Let’s check in with our friendly neighborhood rollerblader Montre Livingston.


How are you and the family coping with quarantine? Do you have any tips to help keep us sane?

All is well here. Fam are all healthy and safe. Tips for getting through all this are, just relax and make the most out of your time. We all have interest that we never really get too due to our normal schedules. Well now is the time to expand on those things. For example, I’ve been getting a ton of artwork done that I never had the time for.

Congratulations on your win at Pow-Wow! How is your knee doing? I think I saw on your IG story that you may wait a little longer before you come back to grinding.

Thanks. The knee is healing up good. I stopped drinking so that it would be a speedy recovery. (I know, crazy haha) Since it happened right during lockdown, I was unable to get it checked out but, due to the internet and tons of good friends with pre-existing knee injuries, i figured out what was wrong and am taking the necessary precautions to make sure I heal correctly so I can be back to my normal roof size gap self haha.


Let’s talk about your YouTube channel it is great! You have everything from fitness videos to vlogs. What made you decide to start documenting?

Well, I had a channel for some years but never really knew what it meant until I met some influencers. I then found out about other channels and what they were about and how they actually helped people or were just entertaining. I figured, with the amount of folks that asked me questions like, how I stay fit or, what else do I do besides blade, I may as well show them. Deleted a ton of unnecessary stuff and made it a real channel. Got some ideas of video names and edits and just ran with it.

Your YouTube channel seems like a family affair. Everyone looks like they are having a great time in all of your videos. How do you balance the responsibilities and stress of family, parenting, traveling, and being
one of the biggest names in our industry?

Hahaha. I hear that stress word a lot. I don’t stress blading and my regular life at all, they are one in the same. The best way to deal with anything is to just stay chill. My kids are both the most amazing dudes. Do well in school and rarely get in trouble at home. They both also skate. My lady has been my heart for some time now and has supported me even when we weren’t together. She also is in her 100+ day of roller skating every day and teaching her and the boys couldn’t be any more fun. As for responsibility, I work a job that I actually enjoy and allows me to take off time for my blade career. I mean, we all have our days where shit isn’t going just how we want but, can’t let just one bad day ruin your life ya know.

Quad skating has become more and more popular. I think it could be one of the mainstream things giving our industry exposure, and ultimately helping us. How did you get into quad skating?

I’ve actually been skating quads for a few years now, I just never really posted any video so, no one knew about it. (also, I was terrible at skating haha) I got back into it more when my lady put interest in it. It was a good way to get her moving around more and an incredible new bond we have together.
After getting her some skates and posting stuff with her and learning beside her, I realize I REALLY LIKE IT. At Blading Cup 2019 I got to meet the roller-skating queen, Estrojen. One of the coolest, most humble humans. She actually offered to send me a pair of Moxi skates and now I can’t keep them off my feet. This new strand of creativity is absolutely amazing and I love it.

I can only imagine how amazing of an experience it is to teach kids blading through Blading Camp. How do you think Blading Camp has changed your outlook on our industry or blading as a whole?

We’ve been teaching camps since before we had a name for it hahaha. We used to be called the, Gypsy Skate Camp because we literally toured around the world hosting camps at local skateparks and would just set up camp like a traveling circus hahaha. The outlook of blading for me now that we started the camps has changed a bit. I see every skater as family. It’s like you meet someone for the first time but, through this community it’s like you’ve known each other for years. No matter if you are pro or have just bought your first pair of blades. We all come from all walks of life and somehow found this one similar interest. That’s just dope. I also have such a bigger respect for blading itself. To be able to share what I know to anyone that is willing to listen is beyond amazing. Can’t thank our coaches and staff enough also. Love my Blading Camp family.


You have been skating at the highest level for years. What do you feel you can attribute your success too?

Hmm, that’s kinda tough haha. I’d say, all the fans that constantly hype me up. The homies and homegurls that always give me props. My family keeps me going the most. They keep me grounded but also remind me that I’m their favorite and that’s all that matters. My younger brotha (@moshigh704) has been my biggest fan since we were kids and he honestly makes me feel like I can do anything. He lets me know that I’m better than the one person that keeps me back, MYSELF.

If I say, “I don’t think I can win, land the trick, jump high enough, I can’t do it”, he’s right there with some inspirational shit talking that literally makes me forget what I was talking about and gives me more power than you can ever imagine. Wouldn’t have won Pow-Wow or most comps without him.

How do you deal with the pressure of living up to the expectations put upon you by the industry and our community?

Expectations? I don’t feel as if anyone expects anything from me. My sponsors know that I shred as much as I can and put out as much content as I can with no one to film me in my city. The people let me know what type of things they may want to see me do next but never demand it. I don’t feel expected to do or be anything.

Staying healthy seems to be a common theme in your life. What do you think is key to staying healthy, and what advice would you give the rest of us?

Staying healthy is the key to life. A healthy you is a happy you. Eating right, drinking lots of fluids (the good kind) and staying active are the ways to life. I used to just eat whatever and never worried about the consequences. As I got older, I realized that I needed a change. I wasn’t healing rapidly like I use to. I was gaining weird weight. Couldn’t skate as long or the same. As soon as I made the change, everything came back. My strength, my normal weight, sleeping got better. I just feel BETTER. And you can too.

How do you feel skating has shaped you as a person and the mindset you apply to everyday life?

Skating and being a Pro has changed a lot about me. I’m a naturally shy person. I would never go out of my way to introduce myself or talk to another person/skater. Completely in my own shell. Skating broke me out of that shell. I’m more outgoing. When it comes to what I do off skates, my ability to tap into my adrenaline comes in handy haha. Knowing the feeling of what it means to be determined or to fail but try again until I get it. Things like just being better at being me if that makes sense hahaha. May have confused myself there, what was the question again hahaha.

Of all the traveling you have experienced do you have a favorite place? Or is it one of those things where you are so glad to be home it’s your favorite place?

I’ve had a few favorites over the years. The Grand Cayman Islands are still in my top 5 and I haven’t been back there in years. Spain is top of the charts too. Malaga and Barcelona. I can’t get enough of. I like all the places I’ve been but if I had to choose, its Malaga. Perfect beaches, incredible weather, dope skate spots and parks. The mountains and the beach are both soooo close. You can’t ask for more.

When it comes to our community, what do you think we could do better? Is there anything that you think we can learn from other industries?

We can be better at being kind to one another. We are a small industry trying to strive and be bigger. We all love this thing called blading so, why is there hate in our industry. Bring back the love. Good vibes. Soul of skating which is HAVING FUN. GIVE OUR LADIES MORE RECOGNITION. This one goes to you (Be-Mag and other magazine platforms).

Our ladies in this sport don’t get the respect and shine they deserve. I think mags should do women only issues. Bladie of the Year. Upcoming bladie ams and pros. GIVE MERY A DAMN PRO SKATE ALREADY. I could go on about a few things but, this is what I want ASAP haha.

Do you have any projects you would like to promote or any ways that we can help support you?

Well if we throwing it out there, I have a VOD available now for download, (link to DUO #2 here) Its full of bangers and you wouldn’t believe how long it took to make. More to come from that series as well, stay tuned. Hmm, I have a pro wheel dropping soon for BHC wheels. It should be just in time for summer.

Everyone go check out and follow my newest sponsor, RUNTZSKATETEAM. We are a multi-sport sponsor and about to blow up and you don’t wanna miss it. You all can help support my YouTube channel if you don’t already. I’m bringing high quality entertainment and it’s all made by yours truly haha.

Last but not least, I have a new pro skate coming soon. Not much to say on that except, be ready for an amazing pro boot and edit that comes with it.


You clearly are in the history books of rollerblading. Do you have a moment in your career that is your favorite achievement?

Hmm, I told myself I’m not pro until I win a major inline competition. The day I won BCSD in 2009 I think, that was the day I became PRO. That was the day I did it for me and me alone. That was the day I put it all on the line and said, I’m taking this trophy home to my son. That was the day it all changed. That’s the day when I felt like the entire blade world could finally see me. That was the day that the words I said to my parents when I started skating actually became REAL. (“Please buy me this one pair of skates and I promise, you’ll never have to buy me another pair again”) That was the first and last pair of skates my parents ever had to buy me.

I want to thank you for taking the time to go through our questions and giving us some of your thoughts!

Thanks for having me and happy shredding folks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader, Montre Livingston


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