Winterclash 2016 by Sebastian Hofer

How does one tell a story that has already been told many times before? This year marked the 12th edition of the world-famous Winterclash, blading’s biggest core event, and at this point you know nothing compares to the Clash. The level of skating, the atmosphere, the insane parties: you have heard it all before, or were even lucky enough to experience it first hand!

What is left of the Winterclash for us to tell you about? How does one bring a fresh perspective on an over-exposed piece of blading history? Ever year, Be-Mag is facing the same challenge, and every year, we still manage to bring you both entertaining & enlightening updates from the event: with 5 photographers on the spot this year, here is our take on Winterclash 2016!

German photographer Sebastian Hofer is as experienced as it gets when it comes to shooting the Clash. Always the first to dive deep in the crowd, always the first to get that close-up shot of the most insane tricks, and always the first to share a drink and some good laughs with, Basti is the perfect example of how to enjoy the experience to the fullest while getting stuff done still: welcome to Eindhoven, welcome to Winterclash everyone!

Words: Freddy White
Photography: Sebastian Hofer









































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