Winterclash 2015 by Mathieu Hennebert

You already know everything about the Clash. You might have never set foot in Eindhoven, but you have heard the tales and listened to the stories. The kush smell in the air and the spilled drinks on the floor. The atmosphere, the blading and the parties: all these little yet essential things that have turned the moment into that moment!

You already know everything, yet those pictures captured all the other little things you missed. The baffled faces in the crowd, the tricks that happened on the other side of the park, the friends you didn’t get a chance to say hello to, the one moment you were looking elsewhere, or the collective explosion of joy while you were taking a piss outside…

You already know everything, but luckily for you Belgian photographer Mathieu Hennebert knows better: here we present to you the first of our four Winterclash photo reports!
































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