Camera & Cut by Daniel Enin

The long awaited new promo video for the USD Shadow Eugen Enin pro skate is finally here and it is everything we could have asked for and more! Although Eugen has been recovering from a recent injury, you would never know it as he is skating better than ever and continuing his trend setting ways. Eugen really shows off his diversity in his latest profile as he drops some sizeable hammers along with his some stylish and unusual technical wizardy. We all know that Eugen’s mind sees tricks and spot selections differently than most and his ever-growing trick vocabulary always leaves his fans something new to be perplexed by.

And on top of the mind-boggling tricks in the profile, this is the first full profile of Eugen in his new USD Shadows and you can tell the newly revised skates look very well designed and show some noticeable improvements from previous models. Eugen had this to say about the design process behind his new skate.

So all in all some major updates to the previous USD Shadow models. To update the timeless Xsjado design for my USD Shadow pro skate we added riveted velcro on the cuff and liner which when combined with the re-released heel shock absorbers creates a perfectly ergonomic foot position whilst eliminating heel lift.

This latest model designed for my pro skate has got a new reshaped ankle flap which connects to the toe strap, creating a tighter and more stable fit. We included some additional flex line stitching to ensure flexibility for that area and my name is printed from top to bottom on it.

The top strap is made out of a polyester ‘seat belt’ webbing which is super durable and has EE.2 embossed on it. I chose the Shadow 1.0 cuff because I prefer it’s stability.

The walkable eclipse liner features the new super comfy PU casted tongue and a very durable and stretchable ripstop black mesh as the upper material.

Riding on Shadows is actually like coming full circle in my skating career since Xsjado was such a huge part of my childhood. They were the first skate I started to skate street in, doing my first handrail, learning all the tech-dance switch-ups that I’m now known for – it all started with Xsjado skates. And now I can use them from a totally different perspective and do moves I would have never imagined back then. It feels nostalgic and refreshing at the same time to be back on my USD Shadows.”

Eugen Enin

The skates are now available for pre-order at your favorite skateshop. For more information visit:…