Up and Comers: Michel Prado

He may have started blading relatively late, but Barcelona-based Michel Prado hasn’t wasted any time since getting the wheels under his feet. Check out his latest edit and photos for proof that he shreds as hard as anyone with twice the experience, and get some insight into the man himself.

Photos & edit: David Montes de Aldea
Interview: Ash Gavin

Michel, tell us who you are and what you’re about!
I’m from Cuiaba MT/Brasil, I’m 22 years old and actually I live in Barcelona. I started skating when i was 17 through a friend who let me try his skates at my old town’s local skatepark.
My sport was playing football but after I put the skates on, it all changed for me and I wanted a pair because the sensation when I put the skates on was different to any other sport. When I came to live to Barcelona my father bought me a pair of skates, since then I’m still skating.

Your new profile is sick. How long did that take to film, and where were you?
Since Be-Mag told me about doing a section for them I took 2 months to do it, and I’ve been filming in Barcelona with Diamond and Guerreros crew.

michel prado - up and comer - be-mag - 1

How do you get juiced up to do hammertime tricks like your ender?
I always see skating videos that motivate me before I go to skate with my friends, they give me a lot of positive energy and the extra motivation to go to the battle like a soldier “guerrero”.

Does your giant hair work like a natural helmet, is that why you’re so fearless?
Hahaha, with the hair I’ve got I can’t wear a helmet, it doesn’t fit. I’ve got the helmet incorporated on my head.

What’s the best thing about your current skate?
Now I’m skating a classic throne skates and honestly for doing tricks on a ledge or on a handrail they’re perfect and you can feel the grind on your feet.

Do you travel to blade? What makes blading in Spain special?
Blading in Spain it’s amazing but… what makes blading special in Spain is us, the “bladers”. Whatever you go in Spain, all the rollerbladers are like your bros, they’re an amazing people. And that is without counting the variety of spots you can find. I try to travel to Europe when the opportunity comes.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you while skating?
I get lucky! I’ve never experienced something too hard, the only thing maybe you could call hard was a broken finger when I failed a trick on a handrail.

What plans do you have for the future, any projects you’re working on?
Right now I’m working on a new brand called “Guerreros” and we want to get that all done soon. I want to travel much more around Europe if I can, also I expect to assist with as many contests as I can. We’re also working on a DVD Movie (ROLLERSBCN) directed by David Montes de Aldea and produced in Barcelona.

What 3 wishes would you grant to the blading world?
Chances to travel and discover new places, more help to the skaters and obviously for us to be treated as athletes, because we are athletes.

What’s the best Spanish beer?

Ok, wrap it up dude! Say hi to your fans and groupies, it’s time to end the interview.
I want to remember to all the bladers, who never have to forget the essence of skating, you ever have to enjoy with all what you do , blade ‘cause you like it and bring rollerblading into your lifestyle. I want to say thank you to all my friends, without all your support it never would be possible. Diamond and Guerreros. Thanks to David Montes Aldea to all the photos, thanks to In-gravity skateshop, the Conference and USD too for the big opportunity they brought to me. Thanks Be-Mag for making this interview possible.

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“Rodar con sentimiento.”