Up and comers: Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin… who is this guy? Two years ago, Eugen popped out of nowhere into the German scene all of a sudden, placed high at some of the main street competitions, showed his super-tech blading here and there in small web files and German DVDs, was rather quickly placed on USD‘s Flow Team and managed to impress virtually everyone who witnessed his abilities in person. His body and mind may be in the perfect condition to become one of Europe’s finest street skaters. At a young age he already appears to be quite focused, mature, motivated and strong enough to take a beating and get right back up to finish the job. But enough the sweet talk, have a look at one of Germany’s finest up & comers, Eugen Enin!


Introduction: Mark Heuss
Interview: Marco Sichau, Lukas Tönnesmann & Oliver Nermerich
Photography: Sebastian Hofer
Edit: Vlad Litvak with Daniel Gourski and Mark Heuss
Data recovery:
Patrick Schmidt

Recently we’ve seen your name popping up on many competitions and in different skate edits. Please introduce yourself to our readers, who the hell are you?
Hello! My name is Eugen Enin, I’m 20 years old and I live in a small town called Borken in Germany. I’ve been skating for eight years now.

What motived you to start Rollerblading?
When I was younger I saw some older skaters in my home park and I was truly impressed. I still skate with some of those guys.

You’ve recently become a sponsored skater. How did that come about and who are your sponsors?
It all started last year after the real street series. I tried my best at some contests and got some good rankings. After that I received an e-mail from USD asking me if I wanted to skate for their flow team.

Where does your inspiration come from when you skate? Is it only you or do you get inspiration from friends or any skating idols? 
Most of my inspiration comes from within myself. I always try to push my rolling to a higher level… and not only the skills. I am very critical of myself. But an important part of my motivation is my friends and my crew. They always stay behind me and help to keep me sane. For sure I have idols, too. At the moment I like watching skaters like Jeremy Soderburg, Mark Wojda, Josiah Blee, David Sizemore, and many more as well as the typical icons like Fish, RME3 and Sagona. Also the Kelso Brothers are always inspiring.

The last two years had people become aware of your extraordinarily precise and tech skating. Still some tend to overlook the fact that you are also known for dropping hammers. Are you a tech kid or do you go big?
I’ve always tried to find a good combination. On one hand I love to try something new, something I have not yet seen before. But on the other hand, I think it’s important for me to expand my limits. I try to keep my skating versatile.

What is your opinion about the current publicity of our sport? Is it cool to stay underground?
On the one hand I love our small community because it’s always like a big family but it would be nice to get more publicity or some bigger sponsors for contests.

What was the best moment ever for you in and around rollerblading?
After a bad year I had success at some street competitions and this has shown me how important rolling is in my life. It helps me in bad times and it makes the good times unforgettable.

With which pro skater would you like to have a session with and why? 
Hmm… Richie Eisler again. He’s the best.

Some people are fascinated about your switch-up skills and technique in blading. How did you achieve your technical skills? Training or talent? Are there other sports that help you to get better?
The skills I have I got through hard work… In my home park there is a good practice rail and some boxes and so I started to try a new trick every day. After learning all of the basics you get better at doing more switch-ups.

You seem to be blessed with a tightly knit group of friends of which many are – in one way or the other – involved in rollerblading. What’s that like? Does it make things easier or do you feel like it’d be better to separate rolling from your everyday life?
I love my crew and most of the time it is perfect! Even my girlfriend knows more pros than some skaters that I know. It is often easier because they understand me better. But it often is a little bit difficult as well. Many of my old skating friends have stopped skating and I realized that I had nothing to do with them privately. But the relationship in my crew is almost familial. We love each other like brothers and have a lot in common. No homo! MFCC!

Back in the day you used to skate Xsjados and then made the move to carbons. Why exactly did you choose your current setup and why would you recommend it to others?
My first skate after Xsjado was actually the Deshi CH1. Then the Deshi Carbon, USD Carbon and then the USD Carbon 2. So I’ve already tried all the models and have followed the whole development. Now I skate the USD Carbon Free because the material is different and I can wear them in an even more appropriate size. I’ve never had a skate which has given me so much control over my skating.

What the hell happened in Barcelona? We came across a few shots of your face that had been taken shortly after your slam and it looked like you had gotten into a raging bar fight!
The first few days after that even felt like a bar fight, haha. A short story: I was motivated and wanted to try something new. So I thought to myself: “Hey, I’ve never seen a wall ride 540° out in street videos“. After I did several wall ride 360°s, I thought that the 540° could work, too. But after thirty attempts I had no more power, and so… headbutt number one. The funny thing is that I fell on my head again a few days later. I tried to avoid a child and fell on the other side of my head. Haha, headbutt number two.


Have you ever gotten into a bar fight? We assume your fists are as fast as your feet? 
Haha, sorry… but my last real fight happened an eternity ago. In this way I am a very relaxed person, and I don’t let anyone annoy me. But if you need me I’m ready.

Why are you wearing that little bell around your neck? Is it a good luck thing or do you just like people to know that you are around?
It is only a good luck thing.

What scares you the most in Rollerblading? 
I have fear of heights. And it’s funny because I love to jump gaps. And I don’t like sharp edges on curbs…

Will Chris Haffey break the world record of Taig Khris at the Air Fise Marseille? 
Haha, best question! And yes, of course!

Please continue the following sentences:

If I was born in 1900 I would… I would kick Hitler’s ass!
If Michael Jackson would still be alive I would… celebrate his songs.
My home country Germany… is famous for… beer.
My sponsor’s abbreviation USD can also stand for… Unique Spider Destroyer
When I was younger… I always wanted to be cool
If someone treats me bad… I treat them the same way…
I have a weakness for… good food…

2012 is just around the corner. What are your plans for the rest of this year and do you have any other future plans for skating? Any competitions, tours, or videos? 
There are always competitions in the winter and I will try to skate at some. Right now I’m filming for an Undercover edit but the rest of the time I will try to concentrate on my studies.

Thanks for the interview! Any shout outs?
First the classics: I thank my crew, friends, my girl and especially Dave Mutschall. He pushed me so much and is one of my favorite skate dudes! I love his skating! A big thanks goes to Vlad for filming and editing this video and for sure Patrick “Altah“ Schmidt who helped to rescue some important clips! And big thanks to Daniel Gourski for the other clips!

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