Travel Essentials: Richie Eisler

Richie Eisler took his first flight when he was only one month old to meet his grandparents in Toronto. Today he is a dozen flights away from reaching 400. He has traveled 767,311km in a plane and been in the air for a total of 2111 hours. If you add road trips to this, it is over a million km! In the past couple of years he has been to six continents. Since January 2012 he has been to Canada x2, USA, UK x2, Belgium, Holland, Denmark x3, Sweden x3, Spain x?, France x2, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and China.

This is the life of Richie Eisler. And these are his travel essentials.

Travel Essentials?
Blades: I’ve taken them everywhere… or is it the other way around?
Computer: Portable office / entertainment studio / still can’t believe the whole world fits in this tiny metal book!
USB splitter: Sometimes you need more than two ports.
Card reader: My computer isn’t new enough to have one built-in.
Wallet: Cash and cards.
Phone: … Actually haven’t used this as a phone in quite some time. Music player / camera / email / maps / etc.
External drive: Working with video takes up a lot of space.
GoPro: For capturing memories.
Olympus / film: Likewise.
Headphones: I like music.
Light kit: Can’t always wait for the sun to come up.
Notepad, pen and pencil: Notes, sketches, journal…
Sunglasses: If it’s not sunny, you’re in the wrong town.
Passport: For crossing imaginary lines.
Passport photos: I tend to race around a lot for last-minute visas these days.
X-mini: Start a party anywhere, anytime!
Video camera, century fisheye and spare batteries: Smaller version of my old Sony setup, perfect for travel / blade shooting.
DSLR Camera: I have too many cameras! Never wanted this one but I guess it served its purpose.
Duct tape: What isn’t it good for?
Cables: All those digital toys need power.
Spare wheels and bearings: I like to roll fast.
Skate tool: For changing wheels and frames.
Powerblade setup: Like I said, I like to roll fast.
Boots: Rain / shine / snow / hiking a Thai mountain / whatever…
Clothing: Three days worth.
Swim shorts: The coast of Thailand makes for great swimming!
Towel: This is one of those easy dry deals. It’s big enough to be a beach towel or blanket but rolls up nicely to save space.
Sleep mask: I never actually use this but always bring it, just in case.
Plastic bag: To put dirty laundry in, etc.
Belt, soap, deodorant and toothbrush: I’m sure you can figure it out.

Thanks to X-mini for the rental bike: quickest, cheapest and most enjoyable way to travel over

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Right now I’m on my way South along the coast of Thailand with Note (Worapoj Boonnim), his girlfriend Lisa and Dominik Wagner… Not really sure how long we’ll be on the road this time but when the year ends I will have been away from any type of “home” for a combined total of seven months!

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
I don’t know how to answer this one… feels like I have everything I need. I guess a universal passport would be nice. Pretty sick of borders and visas at this point.

Favorite airport?
There’s no such thing.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
Sleep on the plane, keep moving, power naps, mind over matter, coffee…

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Go with the flow / take the ride / ride the wave / etc. Just let go and go.

Roll or fold clothes?

Dominik and I with our travel gear. (Pic by Note)