Travel Essentials: Jon Julio

Jon Julio recently went to Asia for the Valo “Lost in Translasian Tour” together with Soichiro Kanashima. Before he left, we were wondering what his travel essentials look like for such a tour and if he’s got any special advise after all those years of frequent travelling.


What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Going on an Asia Tour with Soichiro Kanashima for Valo Themgoods and Youthco, April 26 – May 19.
Cities: Shanghai (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Okayama (Japan) and Tokyo (Japan).

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
Wish I had my pup myles. He will be back in Cali cheelin. But other than that I think I have everything covered.

Favorite airport?
San Jose Airport. Always feels like home when I arrive there. No place like home.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
I usually only have it tough coming home from anywhere. But I usually drink a shot of whisky or 2 to get me in the mood to snooze.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Patience is key. But I think most importantly don’t forget to soak it up wherever you are. Growing up being a pro skater and traveling over the years, I now realize I didn’t take appreciation of how amazing places were. So don’t take it for granted. Check out some culture, museums and sites . If you don’t have time. Make time.

Roll or fold clothes?
I fold. Ill try rolling this time. I’m the worst though. Everything just turns into a big mess in my bag a couple days in on the road.

Travel Essentials


Passport: Standard travel essential

Themgoods Crewneck,Socks ,Beanie
Dickies for skating. Slim straight.
New Balance Shoes. New fav shoes.

Blades: TV 3 Cobalt, V.2 Valo Light Carbon Shells , BSmith Oxblood Liners, Haffey Youth CO Frames, Dirtbox Wheels , Extra Valo 4Life Wheels and TS Grade Themgoods Stockwell Bearings

Camera Gear
5D Mark 2- The old faithful. This baby has held up through Valo 4Life and Valo V
Go Pro Black +
15mm canon fish eye
25-105 lense
Handle for the 5D
Triipod Manfrotto
Rode Mic
LED Light

Stickers: Themgoods, Valo, Youth Co decal stickers

Mac book pro 13 inch
WD Passport Drive 2 TB
Beyer Dynamic Custom Head Phones
Iphone 5