Travel Essentials: Coco Sanchez

Coco Sanchez didn’t travel to Europe too often in the past years, so when she announced  that she would join everyone for Winterclash 2015, the Euro crowd quickly got excited to see her skate live again. The last time she attended a European event was back in 2010, when the Winterclash was once held in Berlin. Since then the girls competition at Winterclash became more important, grew year by year and became one of the absolute highlights of the event.

For this year’s event the number of registered girls was the highest ever and promised to be one hell of a spectacle. Just the right moment for Rollerblade to fly her newest pro team member out to Europe to join everyone for the good times. We took a look on her travel essentials for that trip and here’s what she packed.

Photo: Kaspars Alksnis

Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Coco Sanchez,  Mathieu Hennebert & Kaspars Alksnis

What’s your destination this time?
Going to Winterclash and Italy to visit the Rollerblade headquarters.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
My cats.

Favorite airport?
LGB long beach. It’s the smallest airport, which equals the best airport.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
Jet lag? Trickless.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Your itinerary. Staple to forehead. Refrain from what I did and don’t miss your flight.

Roll or fold clothes?

Travel Essentials:

Photo: Coco Sanchez

Skates: Crucial

Socks: Crucial

Gloves: Caaaruuush

Clothing: Can’t skate naked, it’s just too cold. So you got your leggings, shirts, underwear and sports bras.

Sexy boots For a sexy after party.

Snacks: Crucial

GasX:  Last but not least… Don’t be that guy on the plane.

Photo: Mathieu Hennebert

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