Travel Essentials: Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey might be the most frequent traveler in blading right now. Every other month he pops up at a different corner of the globe, does ridiculous things on the largest ramp existing, posts a picture on Instagram as a prove that he’s still living the dream and gone he is again. We are surely not the only ones that were wondering what his travel essentials might look like and if hes got any special advice for all the traveling bladers out there.

Photo: Nitro Circus
Photo: Nitro Circus

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
At the moment I am in beautiful Sydney, Australia! I am actually living out here with my girlfriend, so while it is not where I am from, this is the most at home I have felt in a long time! My touring schedule has been so hectic I haven’t had a place of my own or even been in the same city for more than two weeks in over a year. After being all over the place for so long it’s been really nice to get into a day to day routine. Nitro Circus Live has an Australia Cap City tour coming up in May, so I am just soaking up the down time for now! (Make sure to come check the tour out if you are in Aus! Check for tickets.)

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
When you spend so much time living out of the same suitcase it becomes clear pretty quickly how little you really need. I can’t really think of anything I wish I had…if anything I can think of plenty I have now that I could go without pretty easily.

Favorite airport?
I don’t think there really is such a thing! Actually it might be Long Beach because its so small it only takes about five minutes to check in and get through security.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
I always set my watch to the time of the place I am going before I take off and try to sleep on flights according to the time zone where I am heading. Coffee. Alcohol.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Say yes. Live in the moment. Roll with the punches. Don’t get frustrated when things go wrong because it doesn’t help anything. Everything is going to be ok.
Also you can take the mini bottles of alcohol through security and save a small fortune on drinking at airports.

Roll or fold clothes?
I have always been a folder but I hear rolling is way more efficient. I guess I am just stuck in my ways!


Travel Essentials:

Blades(specifically REMZ): The only reason I have had to opportunity to travel as much as I have, and usually the reason I am traveling.
Spare set of Eulogy wheels: Never know when it’s going to be time for a fresh set.
Computer: Has a myriad of uses on the road including staying in touch with family and friends, editing, working, entertainment, etc.
ipad mini: Originally bought as a temporary replacement for my computer that was stuck in customs for a month and a half when I lost my backpack on a layover in Germany.
Unlocked iphone w/mophie case: Makes it easy to grab a prepaid SIM at the airport when you land and instantly gives you the ability to get in touch with locals or other people you are traveling with. The mophie case is crucial when you can’t find a power point.
ipod shuffle: Really long battery life and perfect for tunes while skating on a solo sesh.
Olloclip iphone lens: Makes it possible to shoot a wider variety of photos on your phone. Also steps the gram game up a bit haha.
Headphones/earbuds: A really good pair of headphones is key for any heavy traveller. I always carry ear buds as well for those times I want tunes, but don’t want to block the entire world out.
USB speakers: Turns your hotel room into a movie theatre or dance party as soon as you plug them in!
Rollei action cam Nitro Circus Live edition: Really small water proof camera that is perfect to take anywhere. Great for capturing memories with quality footage or photos.
Canon powershot: Little point and shoot for when the iphone just isn’t cutting it and I don’t want the wide angle of the Rollei.
1tb external hard drive: You can never have too much space to dump footage and photos on the road. Also good for grabbing movies from friends along the way.
Universal travel adapter: Good for a charge anytime, anywhere.
Wallet: Money makes the world go round.
Passport: Not going to get far without it.
Notepad pen and pencil: Always good to have a place to jot down an idea or story you don’t want to forget.
The Big Lebowski: One of my favorite movies. I used to watch it every night to fall asleep, so if I am feeling restless I will toss it on. Also its good to have around if you meet someone who has never seen it.
Heatwave Sunglasses: I don’t like spending too much time anywhere you don’t need a good pair of shades!
Glasses: Use when my eyes are tired of having contacts in them.
Sleeping mask: Makes sleeping on planes way easier.
Spare set of clothes: An extra shirt, underwear, and socks can really come through in the clutch especially if your checked bag gets lost.
Ibuprofen: For all the aches and pains along the way.
Berocca: Pretty similar to airborne or Emergen-c. Basically just a bunch of vitamins that help you keep from getting sick, give you a little pep in the morning, or help cure a hangover.
Gum: Always good for a quick refresh especially after a long flight.