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Travel Essentials: Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer is currently in Europe and even though he got hurt at Summerclash he is still joining everyone at Roskilde Festival, starting tomorrow in beautiful Denmark. Before he left for his 3 weeks euro-trip we asked him to tell us a little about is personal travel essentials. This is how the FA℞M is doing it.

Photo: Dominik Wagner
Photo: Dominik Wagner

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Berlin for Summerclash, Copenhagen for the streets, and then to Roskilde. Total duration, 22 days.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?

Favorite airport?
Definitely not the Denver airport, haha. Never really thought about that one, I’m usually in a bit of a haze while traveling, flight anxiety through the roof!

Your trick to beat jet lag?
If I only had that answer, haha. Never been able to beat it.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Roll with the flow, don’t fight the current.

Roll or fold clothes?

Travel Essentials:

Photo: JC Rowe
Photo: JC Rowe

Blades: No explanation needed…
Passport: Can’t get in or leave without it.
Vitamins: Most important item other than the blades and passport, supplements will definitely help with the the lack of nutrition that usually comes with touring, haha.
Leather jacket: Never know what the weather conditions will be.
Sunblock/umbrella: Vampire life.
Glasses/sunglasses: I’m basically blind once the sun goes down, and as far as the shades, see the above, haha.
Scarves/Bolos: Just essential.
Sewing kit: I tend to rip my jeans fairly often, always comes in handy.
Computer: Entertainment and emails.
Books: An easy way to get your mind off the fact your in a flying piece of metal in the sky.
iPhone: Music and maps.
Chargers/Adapters/Headphones: Gotta stay connected.
Hat: Protection from the sun and rain.
Stickers: Someone’s gotta put them up.
A nice pair of shoes: Well, I like to look fancy sometimes, haha.
Freddy Krueger: Tour Mascot
Forever Negrete badge: Always gotta stay close to my heart!