Travel Essentials: Anthony Medina

Unless you live and blade in Texas, chances are you had never heard of Anthony Medina until recently. In the last couple of years, Anthony has been in charge of some of the most interesting projects in blading, including (but not limited to) several pieces for Ground Control which played a major role in the brand’s visual revamp, and too many stunning edits Ant produced throughout his European trip this last summer, like Scott Quinn’s Wheelscene profile,or both Frerik Andersson and Josh Glowicki’s Razors sections for instance.

But look into it more closely, and you will realize Anthony has been around for a long time. Matter of the fact, he’s probably been blading longer than most of you, and has produced five full length flicks already: Names, Concealed Broadcast, Swag, Dag Days and Waterloo, all of which you can find on his Vimeo channel along with a shit ton of sections and edits. That’s already saying a lot about his dedication to pushing the sport, but let’s not forget his heavy involvement in the Texas scene and its Gentlemen Blading Club, and Ant’s overall impeccable work ethic.

By the time you read this, Anthony will have landed in Amsterdam, fresh off his flight to attend his first Winterclash: quite the perfect timing to take a look into his Travel Essentials!


Interview: Freddy White
Photography: Abbee Rickman

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
I’m headed to Eindhoven for my first Winterclash. I’m only staying 5 days this trip because I have to return to the States for Pow Wow!

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
My girl, Abbee.

Favorite airport?

Your trick to beat jet lag?
Naps. Just turn the music on and fall asleep. Also staying hydrated and snacking helps prevent headaches and fatigue.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Don’t stress about getting on or off the airplane first. The sooner you get on the longer you have to wait to take off. Getting off the plane is always going to be a slow process so just sit down and relax. Learned this from Glow.

Roll or fold clothes?
Roll shirts. Fold pants.

Travel Essentials:


Camera + Light + Extra Batteries + Charger + Fisheye + Card Reader: Because you gotta capture the moments.

Laptop: For the Wi-Fi parties & watching/capturing footage.

iPod + Headphones: Can’t live without music.

Phone: Pretty much just for taking photos.

Toiletry Bag: Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, contact solution, face lotion.

Sunglasses + glasses: For the sunny days and because I’m kind of blind.

Minimal clothing: You’ll find out how little you need and how much you pick up on the way when you’re on extended trips. Gotta bring a couple beanies too.

Passport + Wallet: Self-explanatory.

Blades + BIG frames + Extra wheels: Whether I’m shredding or just cruising, going to need it all.

Here’s what life on the road looks like with Anthony:

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