Travel Essentials: Adam Johnson

In the past year alone, Vibralux Denim has released more stunning video profiles on their all-star team than arguably any other brand in the business.Through the lens of media guru Adam Johnson, the blade world has witnessed Brian Freeman’s breakthrough section, Alex Broskow’s smooth sailing through the streets of NYC, the ever impressive performances of Chris Farmer and John Bolino, a highly anticipated Haffey section and Don Bambrick’s best video profile ever. In short, more incredible footage than any other team could ever dream of producing in just twelve months.

With a team spread out all over the USA though, this comes at a cost and AJ probably spent more time on the road than most people will in their entire life already. Through countless tours, too many legendary videos to count, and several trips across the pond, the Vibralux mastermind has gathered more valuable knowledge than people twice his age. As he was about to embark on his latest filming trip, we took a look at his luggage, and asked AJ to share some of his best tips on how to travel wise: watch, read and learn, kids!


Words: Freddy White
Photography: Havana Mahoney

What’s your destination this time and how long you’re on the road?
Detroit, MI to film with Don Bambrick for 11 days.

What’s the one item you wish you would (but you don’t) have for your travels?
Car converter for the Phantom.

Favorite airport?
MCI, easiest airport in the States to navigate.

Your trick to beat jet lag?
I sleep the entire flight and drink coffee when I am tired.

Any travel tips/suggestions?
Don’t mention bombs, fly Southwest, fill up a van with smelly skaters, piss in jugs.

Roll or fold clothes?
Depends on the length of trip, I’ve done both.


Travel Essentials:
Valo Sizemore’s
Cinevate hand rig
Canon 60D
50mm lens
17-40mm lens
Panasonic HPX-170 with Opteka .3
Light kit
Street Bambrick wheels
Shwood Canby shades
Nixon watch
Mini pocket stiletto
Go-Pro hero 4
Vibralux LeRock jeans
Vibralux USA tee
American flag wallet
iPhone 5s
Bluetooth water resistant speaker
DJI phantom 3 pro

Wonder what life on the road with AJ looks like?

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