Our Polish brothers Bartek Malec & Eryk Pilch have dropped their newest VOD titled “Tranquilo” just in time for the holidays! The guys made the move from Poland to Barcelona for an extended vacation where they filmed this incredible video full of entertaining gems set to an upbeat and soulful soundtrack.

The video begins with some typical lifestyle shots to get you familiar to the beautiful Barcelona scenery and the skaters who are featured in Tranquilo, then it jumps right into the profiles starting with the incredibly technical Krystian Zarzeczny. Krystian has a wide ranging bag of tricks that he draws on for his section which sets the tone for the video perfectly. My particular favorite trick that Krystian did was a nasty disaster front savannah (or alley oop unity if you want to argue about it) going at breakneck speed. This is one trick that I was glad was shown on multiple angles to give you better appreciation for how gnarly the spot and trick are.

From there you’ll see a stylish section featuring the sunglass-rocking Patrick Pylch flowing from spot to spot with a very unique & controlled style that ends on a wild rooftop line that looks like something created in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game generator. There are a few short montage appearances from the likes of Tomek Przybylik, Yuri Botelho and Michael Prado that are ridiculous, as you have come to expect from the trio. Seeing Yuri skating on Gawds rather than Razors still takes some time to adjust to but they seem to fit him well! Next up was the extremely creative Eryk Pilch section that was one of my personal favorites from Tranquilo. Eryk has a very unique way of approaching his tricks which is very inspiring and innovative. There is a particular clip of a fish stall drop into a cessslide that leads into a soul off a drop that is one of the most rewind-worthy tricks in the whole video.

The video wraps up with the hard hitting and fast paced Bartek Malek profile that was the perfect send off to end their entertaining project. Bartek’s section is filled with him charging full speed at super burly stunts, creative lines and huge ass gaps. He also makes skating rails hindered with awkward approaches & landings seem like a casual walk in the park; this is something that seems to always get taken for granted until you see the treacherous spots in person. Bartek ends his profile with one wild hammer that will surely make your knees and back wince in pain at the sheer size of the obstacle. All-in-all, Tranquilo is one of the more entertaining crew videos that I have watched recently; with all of the profiled skaters bringing something unique and different to the table. It is a feel good video that will also get your juices flowing and hype you up for your skate session. Great job, guys! Keep them coming!

Your support of Tranquilo will help the boys continue their video projects in the future so be sure and buy the VOD now!

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