Traitement review by The Bistro

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More about ‘The Bistro’:

We have collected a group of creative people from different environments to contribute and collaborate on The Bistro.

People working within the realms of photography, art, installations, painting, illustration, graphic design, documentary, motion graphics/visuals, music, tattooing, graffiti and writing, to name a few.

The fundamental idea is to create a community which is not concentrated on one theme only, but instead to give a clean and crisp menu of inputs in many different flavors.

The Bistro is a place where you can sit back relaxed – waiting for the full menu to be served utterly for your pleasure alone.

As a natural result the concise mission statement is the following:

1) Good times blogging
2) World domination
3) Give back to the community

Please enjoy your stay, you are much appreciated.