Since its inception, TOOEASY has routinely produced impeccable blade content. Their 2017 release, Software Update, warranted a nomination for the 2017 Top Ten. From there, TOOEASY has released a handful of edits, retaining a distinct perspective that Gregory Prestön, often at the helm of the creative direction, has strategically honed over the years.

Their latest effort involved a 7 day trip to Malta, a small island off the North African coast. With a crew composed of Dominic Bruce, Frederik Kofoed, James Bower, Brandon Calleja, Mike Simpson, in addition to Prestön, the “PAPAS” tour commenced.

Introduction by Ryan Loewy
Words by Gregory Prestön
Photographs by Mike Simpson

Stepping out the plane I felt immediate disorientation. It was midday, south could be north, ocean on all sides of the horizon. It was the first time I’ve gone somewhere doing zero research. Two hours later I fell in love with the place.

[It was also] the first time, maybe ever, that have I been to a place that was so muted. The village was dense with locals in sight, yet there was this overpowering noiselessness coming from all directions. While under the beating sun rays and the eyes of religious statues, the contrasts were incredible. As clear as my head was, the game of thrones intro soundtrack would narrate my daily routine.

Seven Days, six personalities, two cameras, and one car, we toured Malta. With four in the backseat daily, every bending corner and readjustment, we managed to travel and exist comfortably.

I had just flew in from LA where I skated for a month straight without Instagram validation, the rest of the guys have taken time off due to winter/injuires/adulting, or two out of the three. There was a consistent strong start to the day, one with Dom lacing a sketchy blind hammer, where for the first time my legs got the jitters as I hit the record button.

Brandon being the maltese local had a real solid style, trick selection, and awareness of current blading shit. We spoke afterwards how that combination was rare considering he’s so good but so secluded from any real skate scene. Maltese Street skating had no real session spots, mainly hill bombs, stair bash’s and hand rails. But the island offered something for each of us to get excited to skate in our own way.

With a week of good company and experiences we took off to Copenhagen. Malta left me with higher standards for Pizza, Sunsets, and the urge to return as soon as possible.

Also not just any sunsets, these sunsets were so fucking beautiful my other senses would react. The taste of high grade double scoop peach and blueberry gelato would somehow savor just having these sunsets in my peripheral. The type of sunsets that make you forget to call shotgun on the way back to the car.