Tour life: Jeremy Stephenson (Part 3)

After two awesome parts of the journey through Jero’s photo-archive, this is now the last one out of three. Enjoy!
Jeremy Stephenson is not just “a photographer”. He was the key staff photographer for Be-Mag, his pictures have been published in almost every blading magazine. Your favorite company has most likely hired him to shot adverts for them and he has had more cover-shots than most photographers will probably ever have.
Not only is he an awesome photographer but he also distributed Be-Mag and Kendama in America, all whilst traveling the world shooting for that next cover shot. He is the kind of person you wish you could hang out with more often. He is one of the friendliest and down to earth persons you will ever meet. Who else could be better than Jero for our first “Tour life” feature. This is the first part of three part series, showing skate pics and snapshots that he has captured over the years traveling all over the world. We are proud to present an insight into the world of one of the most skilled people to ever pick up a camera in our industry, Jeremy Stephenson.

Fish with a sketchy highway back royal in Colombia.

G-House boosting around the curve in Minneapolis

SK with style points on a low ledge in a crack neighborhood in North Philly.

Not sure if this angle ever got used from Fish's interview, but huge 180 launch in Jersey

This spot was unreal. Center of the earth bio 720 by Jon Bolino. Quito Ecuador.

Bolino hot tub brews after a skate session in Hotel Lube, Peru.
I love this shot so much. Colin Kelso vs. the Internet


Jeff shredding the Yasutoko's park in Japan.  (after camping under the ramps the night before)
This is where I'll be living in the future. Paradise. Brazil.

Shuda, curb to curb fakee 3

Sweet Victory hahaha

Opal rocking the VX brooklyn tee

This spot is one of the weirdest places I've ever been to. Crazy cult site out in the Arizona desert. Joey got this top acid in before cops rolled up.

James Johnson from Revolution. AO Fish. Respect.

Roaming aimlessly down the 101 with a van full of Canadians. Amazing trip.

Casey, roof to roof gap outside Phoenix

Terraced fields deep in the mountains of China

The hi-rez photos from this spot got deleted by accident and never got printed. Don't you just love Barcelona spots?

This trip was beyond epic.

Tien, Emma, and NYC crew just before a road trip.

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