Tour Life: Razors in France

It’s not a real tour unless someone gets laid, someone goes to the hospital, and someone ends up in jail. Fortunately, or unfortunately enough, these guidelines were all fulfilled and our France trip left us with a hazy feeling of accomplishment and a reluctance to leave each other’s company.

Tour Boys

Words: Carson Starnes
Photography: Sheldon Lapointe

It all started in Barcelona when Josh Glowicki, Scott Quinn, Sheldon Lapointe and I took a bus up to Montpellier to meet up with the rest of the team and check out the FISE downhill contest. Three emergency room visits, and about a hundred backflips later, we piled into the Razors van, joined by Yuri Botelho and Joe Atkinson, and Sunshine Europe manager Marco Giehm drove us to Lyon to stack clips for a few days.

Clip Count:
Glow – 15
Yuri – 14
Quinny – 6
Carson – 5

Ouch… I guess my friends are just legends.

Anyway, we continued on to Strasbourg for the NL contest, reuniting with Alex Burston, Mathias Silhan, Jon Matter, and a bunch of the homies from all over Europe. The contest was epic, and we were treated like royalty: free booze, food and massages all weekend… Stinky cheese and Pastis aside, these French guys really know how to have a good time.

The rest of the trip was pretty standard. Sticky Euro dance clubs, street beers until 5 in the morning, run ins with the police, run aways from the police and bright red overall jorts. Luckily enough, one of us knew how to operate a camera. Here’s the tour from Sheldon’s perspective: enjoy!

Yuri Drinking

Yuri BR Wallride

Quinny Roll

Mathias Silhan

Yuri Beer

Marco Upsidedown

Josh Quinny Gap

Joe Has Crabs

Josh Gap

Josh Quinny Roller


Josh ZeroFishy

Carson Topsoul

Carson Sleepy

Egyptian Wifi Party

Carson Filming

Carson Avo

Alex Burston

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