Tour Life: Maxime Genoud in China

Back in October, the FISE gathered a crew of international bladers in China for the third stop of their world series. Among the pros that traveled to Chengdu was the younger up and comer from Switzerland, Maxime Genoud. The Rollerblade team rider qualified through previous FISE events, and took the opportunity to see China for himself. A promising photography student, Maxime is indeed working on several series of pictures retracing his trips around the globe, and this seemed like the perfect occasion to add a new chapter to the book he is currently working on. Along with his friend Geoffroy Dubreuil, Maxime gathered some incredible pictures, and we asked him to share some of his Chinese experience with our readers for this new episode of our Tour Life feature.

Intro: Freddy White
Text: Maxime Genoud
Photos: Maxime Genoud

I left Switzerland on Sunday, October 19th with my friend Geoffroy Dubreuil for a 7 days trip in China. My goal during this trip was to produce 50 books for my final exam in my photography school in Vevey (CEPV). So I left my place with 6 cameras, my skates, a few clothes and lots of film rolls.

The cat stayed home. Might have been bad for it to join me.

We arrived in China with pretty bad news… Our suitcases were stuck in London. Luckily most of my cameras where in my hand luggage, but we were in China for a blading trip with no skates. So we decided to go visit Mount Emei, for a 2 days trip to these famous holy mountains.

Geoffroy climbing the couples of stairs of the trek.

A monkey in front of a Temple.

Morning view from the temple we slept at.


After a 13 hours flight and 2 days of walking with the same clothes, we were happy to find our suitcase when we returned to the hotel.
During the few days that followed we visited the city by skates and met AJ, an american blader who actually lives in Chengdu. He took us to some great street spots.


Geoffroy with a smooth backslide

Eventually, it was time for the Fise contest, and this was a great experience. I already attended a couple of FISE events but this one was my favorite for sure. The Chinese crowd is really enthusiastic, and it was amazing to be part of this show.


Johan Berthonneau, one of the Fise organizers

Dominik Wagner with a rolling to drop

Another way to go back to the hotel

Of course going to the FISE means going to some crazy parties as well, and of course we didn’t forget about that!



Dominik Wagner on the rooftop


After 7 days in China, it was time for us to go back home. It was a wonderful trip. Thanks a lot to all the people we have met over there!

Geoffroy is working on a video project about our trip and he also took some pictures that are mixed with mine too on his Tumblr:

This review is just a part of my work about my travel to China. I’m actually working on these books which I hope to be able to show you in 2 months.


You can check out more info about my works in general on my website and on my tumblr which is about the other travels I did (text is in French. Sorry)

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