Top 5: Soichiro Kanashima

Soichiro Kanashima is one of the very few Pros in blading not coming out of the US or Europe. That fact speaks for itself and if you ever watched one of his Valo sections you already know why he’s got his own Pro boot. There isn’t many interviews or information to be found of this super friendly, life-loving Japanese style bomb, that’s why we are super proud to present you this Top 5 with Soichiro. We can’t wait to see his footage in Valo5.

Top 5 ways to describe yourself
– I like fun things
– I have a positive view
– On my way
– Active
– Be strong willed

Top 5 things about living Japan
– Beautiful four seasons
– Tasty food
– My family, girlfriend and buddies are here
– I can speak Japanese
– Peaceful

Top 5 worst things about living Japan
– Things are expensive
– English skills never get better
– It rains a lot
– Overseas is tooooooo far
– Small

Top 5 worst things that happened to you while filming for a video part
– Something got stuck in the wheel when I tried a big gap in SF, got fracture bones on my heel
– My feet got in between 2 parallel handrails when I did AO miz, got my ankle sprained
– I realized i forgot to bring my boots when I got the spot. I went back home to take my boots with me, But somehow, i just took some drinks with me… forgot to bring the boots again,
– On the 2nd day of a Japan tour I injured my meniscus. I had to take a rest for a few days.
– Polica coming to the spot and make you stop skating, This is the worst thing, you know…

Top 5 things to do before you die
– Around the world trip
– A space trip
– Buy a house
– Dive in a soda pop pool
– Skate with my son

Top 5 bladers of all time
– Jon Julio
– Dustin Latimer
– Alex Broskow
– Chris Farmer
– Brandon Smith

Top 5 favorite bladers when you were 13
– Jon Julio
– Dustin Latimer
– Louie Zamora
– Kevin Gillan
– Josh Petty

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Get ramune (Japanese bottle of soda pop)
– Take a train and try to go as far as possible
– Get drinks when I blade
– Eat tonton ramen
– Buy a lottery ticket

Top 5 things to worry about
– Nothing to worry about.. This is what i worry about

Top 5 movies 
– La Bamba
– Tenkuno Shiro Laputa: the flying island
– Mononokehime: Princess Mononoke
– Tekkon kinkreet: black and white
– ima, ainiyukimasu: be with you

Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
– 今夜はブギーバック- kreva
– kira kira – kreva
– oh yeah – kreva
– アイツのテーマ – ゆらゆら帝国
– 夢をあきらめないで – 勝手にしやがれ

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Blades
– Ramune
– Eye drops
– Toe sox
– Camera

Top 5 things about being on Valo
– It’s more like Brothers, rather than a bushiness partner. I like it.
– Valo boots are fashionable
– I’m so happy that Valo helps me a lot
– I’m so thankful to Valo about their support – royalty, tour etc
– I love Valo! Want Valo be bigger and bigger

Top 5 English words 
– Believe in myself
– Love
– A happy life
– Drunk
– Enjoy it

Top 5 Japanese words
– 一期一会: Appreciate every meeting, It may never happen again.
– 有言実行: Spreading one’s words
– 天真爛漫: To be simple and innocent
– 一心不乱: Intense concentrated effort in one specific direction
– 初志貫徹: Carrying out one’s original intention

Top 5 things about girls
– Give birth to a baby and grow love
– Beautiful boobs are nice
– When I’m with a girl, i feel relax and can have fun with her
– Give me another way of thinking
– I can give her a real love!

Top 5 things to do when you’re not blading
– Hang out with my friends
– Eat ramune
– Go to karaoke
– Go out for drinking
– Go out to take pictures

Top 5 things about America
– Amazing
– Many spots for blading
– Really big
– So much fun
– The home of blading

Top 5 things you like
– Taking pictures
– Pool
– Designing clothes
– Hot springs