Top 5: Scott Quinn

If you have ever visited a skatepark in the UK, the chances are at one point in time you have seen a pint sized Scottish Blader tearing it up by the name of Scott Quinn. Quinny as he is known to his friends is one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet, with a witty sense of humor and a passion for all things Blading. Not only is he on the iconic Razors team but is also the Team Manager in the United Kingdom, organising trips, contests, new riders and everything in-between.

Razors Pro Scott Quinn
Photo: Chaz Sands

When he is not busy with his duties for Razors and winning iconic contest such as the infamous SlammJamm, he spends the bulk of his time teaching kids to skate up at Unit 23 Skatepark the biggest skatepark in Scotland. Not only does he run several coaching classes at Unit but he also lives there with a handfull of other Pro Extreme Sport Athletes such as Jason Phelan (Nike) and Kris Kyle (RedBull). These guys get up to some insane stuff when the lights go out at Unit (you can find videos here). Quinny is living the Blading dream and we are proud to have a Top 5 with the Scottish Powerhouse.

Top 5 reasons to start Blading?
-Meet cool people
-Stress relief
-Good vibes
-The rush

Top 5 best things about living at Unit 23 Skatepark?
-Best skatepark at your door step
-Best people around you
-Kriss Kyle human alarm clock

Top 5 ways to spend £5?
-Rigo’s pasta
-2 half pints of Weihenstephan from Max’s bar
-5 toys from the pound shop

Top 5 Bladers?
-John Bolino
Richie Esler
-Alex Broskow
Montre Livingston
-Brian Aragon

Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
-Black lips family tree
-Alt-j Breezblocks
-Pepper Rabbit Older Brother
-Phantogram when i’m small
-Jimi Hendricks Spanish castle magic

Top 5 websites?

Top 5 movies?
Back to the Future
Pulp Fiction
Dumb n Dumber

Top 5 things to worry about?
-Worrying gets you now where.

Top 5 items to take on tour?
-Extra wheels
-Extra cash, you will always over spend
-Extra socks

Top 5 cities?
-San Diego

Top 5 contest you have ever been too?
-Chaz Sands invitational
-SDSF Open

Top 5 things about being pro?
-Getting sent fresh skates every couple of months
-Meeting amazing interesting people along the way
-To do what i love for a living

Top 5 on the bucket list?
-Bungee jump
-Land all tricks in my head
-Travel in a VW camper
-Fly a plane

Top 5 tricks?
-Front torque
-All Fishbrains
-Back slide
-X grind
-True top sole

Top 5 foods?
-Home made soup
-More Burritos

Top 5 drinks?
-Dr Peper
-Red wine

Top 5 things about Scotland?
-Beautiful scenery
-Unit 23
-Good friends
-Snow in winter
-The Mrs

Top 5 skateparks you have ever skated?
-Unit 23
-Woodward west

Top 5 skates of all time?
-Salomon ST Jrs
-Shima 3’s
Dre Powel 1s
Dre Powel 2s
Mathius Sihan’s

Top 5 blading videos?
-VG 6
-Fruit booter

Top 5 things you like to do?
-Spend time with the lovely girlfriend Paula.
-Visit home
-Chill with best friends at the park

Best 5 things about Jason Phelan?
-Talking shit
-Friday night fights (
-Up for a good laugh.

Worst 5 things about Jason Phelan?
-Talking shit
-Friday night fights
-Will probably get you in trouble at some point..