Top 5: Montre Livingston

Montre Livingston

Montre Livingston is pure inspiration. Remember when you were young and had the time of your life just rolling down the street? Remember the excitement after doing your first handrail? Well, after many years on blades people tend to forget that feeling and what it’s really about, fun. Montre is one of the best examples of how much fun life and blading can be. While pushing the boundaries every single day, he is enjoying himself and makes sure everyone in his surrounding is doing the same. A few seconds after landing a next level trick or taking the hardest slam, he will walk back up the stairs smiling and laughing with everyone that might be around. He will be filming an insane clip without anyone being around to see, and half an hour later be teaching a kid how to do a new trick in the miniramp. All of this after a night partying with the locals until the sun came up.

Montre Livingston is what blading needs.

Photos: Dominik Wagner

Top 5 things people don’t know about you

– I play drunkin kickball every Sunday with the R.A.D. fam when I’m not on tour

– I drink more PBR than Red Fang

– I listen to a LOT of stoner metal

– I don’t really like real turkey bacon that much; I kinda only eat it when someone buys it for me

– I have a soon to be 5 year old son

Top 5 worst jobs

– I’ve only…

– had one job…

– and it was not…

– that bad…

– I’m a blader

Top 5 things to do at Roskilde






Top 5 worst things that happened to you while filming for a video part

– Days with no money

– Days without ganja

– Days without beer

– Days with ganja but no papers

– Days with money but no beer cuz the store is closed or stopped selling beer at a dumbass hour

Top 5 things about Charlotte

– R.A.D.

– Modern Primitives

– P.S.K.

– Ping pong / beer pong at RAD1 (my roommate Phillip Gripper and my crib)

– Parties

Top 5 bladers of all time

– Shima

– Feinberg

– Farmer

– Morales

– Murda

Top 5 favorite bladers when you started blading

– Dre Powell The Dazed Owl

– Franky Yuk Yukum Morales

– Mike Murda Johnson

– Rachard LARJ FrSH Johnson

– Dominic SWAGona

Top 5 ways to spent 5$

– McDonalds

– Burger King

– Bojangles

– Gas stations

– Two packs of king size element papers

Top 5 things to worry about

– M

– O

– N

– E

– Y

Montre Livingston drinking beer

Top 5 favourite bands right now

– Bad Brains


– Electric Wizard

– Iron Maiden

– ODD Future

Top 5 items to take on tour

– Tooth brush

– Towel

– Lots of socks

– Comfy shoes

– Money

Top 5 things about being on SSM

– Swagg

– Haterz

– I’m a goddamn thug

– My team will fuck you up

– Ask your girl

Top 5 words to describe Brian Shima






Top 5 ways to annoy John Bolino

– Call him gay

– Call him retarded

– Keep telling him he is the best dude on blades when he lands a trick that he thought was complete bullshit

– Call him satanic

– Don’t be fun

Top 5 things about girls

– They are awesome

– They fuckin suck

– They all need to speak more English than, “Hey, you’re cute, you look like Lil Wayne

– Long ass hair. It always is the best ting to hold on to

– Turkey Bacon

Top 5 things to do when you’re not blading



– Netflix

– Chillin with the RAD fam

– Just chillin with my son

Top 5 things about Europe

– Spots

– Gorgeous women

– Art

– Food

– Friends that I don’t get to see as often as I see the homies in the states