Interview & Photographs by Ryan Loewy

Playing an integral role in the production of this year’s Boschi Pope Skate Off, Erick Rodriguez was recently in town to attend the event as well as film for the upcoming Blader Gang Forever video. We took some time to link up with Erick and ask him about what he liked and didn’t like about his recent trip to New York.

Photograpghs by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag

Top 5 Things to Pack When Visiting NYC

– My own personal bag of trees from Cali is a must; I won’t smoke anything else.
– Light-weight camera bag.
– Extra set of wheels/bearings.
– Foam roller.
– More trees.


Photographs by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag

Top 5 Places to Visit When In NYC

– Harlem
– Soho
– 181st skatepark
– LES skatepark
– All my friends/family


Portrait by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag

Top 5 Places/Things to Avoid When In NYC

– All the shitty skate spots
– All the weak ass plaza skateparks
– Pot holes
– Lame niggas
– Punk ass police

Photograph by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag

Top 5 Goals for My BPSO 2018 Trip

– Holding it down for my brother Boschi while he’s gone and making sure we bring the same positive vibe as the previous years.
– Seeing all my friends/family.
– Getting a photo from my bro Abdiel.
 – Meeting new kids from all over the world.
– Watching the final round.


Bank to Top Soul in the 100 Degree Astoria Heat | Photograph by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag

Top 5 Reasons Why I’ll Be Back in NYC

– Finish filming for the new project “Forever”.
– Visit my friends/family.
BPSO 2019
– Eventually link up with the Fish and start his BG VOD.
– It’s my second home.

Photographs by Ryan Loewy / Be-Mag


Erick Rodriguez lives and works in Long Beach, California. He is currently working on his latest video project, titled Forever, for Blader Gang.

You can follow Erick on Instagram here and follow Blader Gang on Instagram here.