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Dre Powell, Topsoul

Razors pro rider Dre Powell is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He is a true definition of a Pro, he can destroy any street spot you can think of and is a role modle to kids all over the world. Chances are you have most likely bumped into Dre hanging out at your local spot or skatepark, wherever in the world that may have been. We managed to catch up with the Razors icon and find out his Top 5’s.
Top 5 things about living in the Razors house?
– Most amazing view of the pacific ocean from the house. Truly an inspiration to myself and all who have been blessed to get the chance to chill , rage , party whatever and wake up to the view of the La Costa Lagoon.
– It’s location is really amazing for skating being so centrally located. It’s like only an hour away from LA and San Diego 30 minutes south. Both amazing meccas for street skating with endless spots.
– There’s been a constant flow of some of the world’s best freestyle inline guys over the last two years while I’ve been living here, giving me a unique opportunity to be influential with the filming of a lot of the more recent projects you’ve seen from Razors and Ground Control.
– Being able to promote my vision of freestyle inline through street skating, Edits blending urban fusion styles of music and fashion all in one on regular basis.
– I’ve been able to be closer to my dad and his side if the family because my father is from LA originally. He and my uncle ironically were the ones that got me into skating in the first place so it’s cool to be out here living and skating.
[twocol_one_first]Top 5 worst things about living in the Razors house?
– Really late nights
– Crazy parties raging all hours
– Tons of clean up after parties
– People being really loud and pissing off the neighbors
– People eating your groceries.
Top 5 Razor skates?
– Super flats
– Shima 3’s
– Jon Eliot’s
– Murda 1’s
– Murda 3’s
Top 5 countries you have visited?
– Brazil
– Holland
– France
– Germany
– England
Top 5 contests you have ever been too?
– Niss 97
– LG Action Sports 08
– 2005 ASA Cincinnati Ohio
Top 5 video games?
– Super Mario for super Nes
– Streets Fighter
– Tekken Series
– Skyrim
– Modern Warfare 3
Top 5 movies?
– VG 3
– Airborne
– Mighty Ducks
– Belly
– Star Wars Saga
Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
– Taylor Gang
– ASAP Rocky
– Classic Rock
– RnB Soul old and new
Top 5 music producers?
– Dr Dre
– J Dilla
– Pete Rock
– Kanye West
– Space Ghost Purp
Top 5 ways to spend $5?
– Five dollar foot long
– throw five on a bag of greens
– California burrito
– Pack of smokes
– And last but not least a gallon of gas
Top 5 on the bucket list?
– Get blading back in x games
– Meet Lil Wayne
– Meet Jay Z
– Buy my mom a house in Miami
– Make a million
Top 5 places you want to visit?
– The moon
– Japan
– Mount Everest
– Ethiopia
– Vietnam [/twocol_one_first]
[twocol_one_last]Top 5 bladers?
– Montre Livingston
– Franky Morales
– Brian Aragon
– Chris Haffey
– Fabio Enes
Top 5 words to describe Brian Aragon?
– Best skater
– Best friend.
– Hardest worker
– Most focused
– Calculated.
Top 5 things about living in California?
– Closer to my pops in LA
– Weather’s perfect
– The skate spots
– Medicinal mary jane lol
– The people
Top 5 things about being pro?
– Traveling
– Meeting new people
– Free gear
– Inspiring the next generation to go harder and bigger
– Respect
Top 5 things to worry about?
– Getting clips
– Shady haters
– Injuries
– Freestyle rolling/ Inline street / Rollerblading
Top 5 grinds?
– Top Acid
– Ao top acid
– Fahrvergnuegen
– Unity
– Royale
Top 5 cities for street spots?
– LA
– Barcelona
– Berlin
– Toronto
Top 5 items to take on tour?
– Tooth brush
– Boxers and socks
– iPhone
– Computer
– HD Camera
Top 5 BHC products?
– BHC Snap Backs
– Dominic Sagona Wheel
– Al Hooi Wheel
– Bearings
– My Pro Wheel
Top 5 gadgets?
– My new Mac Pro Quad-Core
– iPhone
– X Box 360
– PS3
– Cannon 7d
Top 5 reasons we should be in the X Games?
– We were in the first 10 or so duhhhh lol
– Inline street has changed and saved my life along with tons of other skaters of from the skate meccas all across the world .
– The sport constantly progressed every year since i started jumping stairs 14 years ago .
– It is truly a nature extension of your body and such a spectacular high energy action sport.
– We can go just as big if not bigger than any and all of the actions sports and at the same time our sport has become very technical and stylish.
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