Top 5: Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer is on top of this game! There are only a few people who have had as much of an impact on blading as he has. Not only this but in almost every one of his video sections you will find a trick that has never seen before. He reinvented negative tricks and has made them look as stylish as his wardrobe – which has often influenced peoples own style. He is a role model, a pioneer, a true professional and is one of blading’s very few superheroes. We are proud to present Chris Farmers personal Top 5!

shot by Sean Kelso

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Loyal
– Honest
– Determined
– Logical
– Patient
Top 5 drinks
– Coconut Water
– Water
– Jamba Juice
– Naked Juice
– Sauce of all kinds
Top 5 worst things that happened to you while filming for a video part
– Deeply bruised Pelvis which had me hospitalized for a full day while filming for Charg!ng
– Sprained ankle during the last minute filming of Pariah
– Going back to Grandview a year later to 3 neg acid, only to find that there was a big ass dumpster at the end of the rail
– Broken rib/torn muscles in the left side of my ribcage while filming for an Intuition edit
– First day back to Spain, over committed on a gap to rail which ended up with my leg getting caught in the rail which flipped me onto my back and head. This happened twice in a row, which left me bedridden for about two weeks while in BCN.
Top 5 reasons to yell “FUCK!”
– When you go bacon
– Battling an obstacle
– Being outbid at the last few seconds on eBay
– When something on your blades malfunctions, hindering your ability to blade.
– Getting the boot.
Top 5 things about your hometown (Plymouth, Minnesota?)
– My parents
– Most of my siblings
– Good friends
– Home cooked meals
– Far away from the “industry”
Top 5 things about living in Kansas City
– Great Friends
– Motivation
– Spots
– Everything is close in distance
– Grub joints
Top 5 bladers of all time
– Dustin Latimer
– Jon Julio
– Aaron Feinberg
– Alex Broskow
– Chris Haffey
Top 5 favorite bladers when you were 13
– Champion Baumstimler
– Dustin Latimer
– Randy Spizer
– Louie Zamora
– Josh Petty
Top 5 worst injuries
– Deeply bruised pelvis, right leg was paralyzed for a few hours
– Broken rib/torn muscles in the left side of my rib cage
– Torn muscles in the right side of my rib cage
– Sprained right ankle for about 2 years
– Broken growth plate in my left wrist
Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
– New York Dolls / Johnny Thunders related
– Berlin Brats / Hollywood Brats / Brats
– Everything Dave Kusworth / Nikki Sudden related
– Pure Hell
– Death
Top 5 movies
– Beetlejuice
– National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
– Home Alone 1 & 2
– Hard Rock Zombies
– Sleepaway Camp Series
Top 5 websites
Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Slice at Pizza 51
– Half pint of R&R and a tall boy at QT
– Jamba Juice
– 5 dollar holler at Pizza Loca in LBC
– B&G’s at Sucatash
Top 5 things to worry about
– Not
– A
– Damn
– Fucking
– Thing
Top 5 items to take on tour
– Essential electronics (phone / iPod / computer)
– Variety of gear to wear
– Toiletries
– Pillow/blanket/towel
– Daily cocktail of vitamins
Top 5 politicians
– I
– Don’t
– Give
– A
– Fuck