Remy Cadier is one of our favorite Dutchies, and today is his fortieth birthday. So, we decided to feature a little birthday special for one of our favorite contributors, a little Top 5 with some of his favorite pics from the past and a video on our Facebook page.
Happy Birthday, Remy!
Words: Josip Jagić
Photos: Maarten de Ru, Donny Straube, Jess Dyrenforth, Randy Abels

Top 5 things about being a 40 year old blader?
Still blading while most people my age are complacent couchpotatoes.
Having had 23+ years to hone my soulgrinds
Having enough money to buy any skate and travel wherever
Having a few buddies that still skate after all hese years
Knowing everyone in rollerblading
Gimbal MK-P Remy
Top 5 worst things about being a 40 year old blader?
Wanting to stay inside and not go blade because you’re tired
Having lost more tricks than you can remember over the years
Not having time to go and skate
Having 80% of your skatingbuddies never skate anymore
Hurting myself, and taking forever to recover
Top 5 favorite setups of all time?
Non UFS MJ12’s
Rollerblade Dirks
Salomon ST90 II with Symetrics plate
RB Treseders
Valo JJ Light
remy sweaty
Top 5 top blade sections ever?
Jon Elliott – Brain Fear Gone
Jon Julio – VG4
Carlos Pianowski – Quattro
Any Chris Haffey / AJ production
Chris Farmer
Top 5 sections of this year?
Guillaume Le Gentil VOD
Soichiro Kanashima VOD
Eugen Enin VOD
Joe Atkinson Sydney VOD
The whole Delfon Dio
Remy Cadier Alleyoop Mute Remy ao Mute Daily Bread 13
Top five bladers of all time?
Remy Mute Marseille 1998JPG
Top five bladers of the past 5 years?
Eugen Enin
Guillaume Le Gentil
Sam Crofts
Pascal Tan
Yuto Goto
Royale Bercy Remy 1
Top 5 things you miss about being 20 years younger?
No responsibilities
Being sponsored by the top blading companies at the time
Not being able to buy a Daily Bread at my local magazine shop
Doing loads of demo’s and not ever having to work
Always having plenty of dope bladers to skate with
Royale Bercy Remy
Top 5 things you look forward to in blading this year?
Urban Sports Week in Amsterdam
Real street comps?
Sessions with the lads and beers after
Top 5 photos of yourself?
Royale Bercy
Rocket on the Dam (b/w)
That grab in Zandvoort
360 Safety Marnix Gap (sequence)
Not but in Daily Bread 13 the Alleyoop Mute (second generation skater)


fish osdorp 2 with Sergio Hasselbaink pic by rick

Remy fastplant mistrail- randy

Remy Rocket by GunoJPG

Remy Sweatstance by Randy

remy sweaty

Fishbrain Advocatenledge by Bojd

IMYTA LMS 2005-remy-mute

That grab Zandvoort

17857687_10155105973308745_251258331_n (1)

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