Making first waves with his skating as a kid years ago, posting his sutff on the Be-Mag messageboard, Joey Lunger’s last five years on the scene have been marked by progression and a steep climb up the ranks in New York. His recent placings in the New York Skate Series and his dedication to rollerblading made him also earn a feature in our Top 5 section, so we present you Joey Lunger.


Intro: Josip Jagić
Words and Photography: Ryan Loewy

Top 5 most played on your iTunes
1.) Portugal. The Man- Got It All
2.) Emancipator- Rattlesnakes
3.) Dr. Dog- Alaska
4.) Lotus- Behind Midwest Storefront
5.) Enter Shikari- Wall

Top 5 ways to annoy you
1.) Poke me in the nose
2.) Wake me up
3.) Singing back up in the car by just repeating the last word in the line
4.) When a filmer tells you “it’s good enough”
5.) Bite my straw




Top 5 best things about traveling
1.) Difference of perspective
2.) Change of mindset
3.) Landscapes
4.) Culture shock
5.) Learning about myself

Top 5 items to bring when blading
1.) Water
2.) Granola bars
3.) Allen keys
4.) Wax
5.) Spliffs


Top 5 people you look up to outside of blading
1.) My dad
2.) Nick Fatato
3.) John Lennon
4.) Kurt kobain
5.) Darla (my dog)

Top 5 worst injuries
1.) Infected shinner
2.) Torn acl
3.) High flow prepripisum
4.) Bruised ribs
5.) Broken ankle


Top 5 filmers to film with.

1.) Zeke Kubinski
2.) Augusto Castillo
3.) Sean Grossman
4.) Taylor Kobryn
5.) James Kobryn

Top 5 things you would like to do with blading
1.) Keep filming edits
2.) Continue to meet new people
3.) Inspire the youth to skate
4.) Expand my disciplines
5.) Get a pro anything


Top 5 best things about blading
1.) Endless possibilities
2.) Fun
3.) Good for the body
4.) Good for the mind
5.) Friends

Top 5 life experiences
1.) Interning in Colorado
2.) Powwow
3.) Road trippin with my lady
4.) Trying to go to college in Manhattan
5.) Bicso 2011


Top 5 careers you would like to pursue after blading
1.) Ski/snowboard instructor
2.) Dog walker
3.) Stagehand
4.) Skatepark builder
5.) Personal joint roller

Top 5 places to visit before you die
1.) New Zealand
2.) Peru
3.) Japan
4.) Madagascar
5.) Alaska

Top 5 moments of your blading career for now
1.) Roachies
2.) Getting on xsjado
3.) Deciding to not play lacrosse in college
4.) Placing at the Staten Island nyss comp
5.) The double wall ride from the xsjado profile

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
1.) 2 slices and soda from 2bros (keep the change)
2.) Deli beer
3.) 5$ burrito from cactus cafe (after 10pm)
4.) Trail mix
5.) Taco Bell

Top 5 foods
1.) Mac and cheese
2.) Chicken cutlets
3.) Sushi
4.) Pizza
5.) Bagels

Top 5 blading rituals

1.) Red Bull
2.) Ibuprofen
3.) Deep breathing
4.) Post session eats
5.) Tik

Top 5 things to do before you die

1.) Jump out of a plane
2.) Finish an ironman
3.) Heli ski
4.) See the world
5.) Make a difference






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