Top 5: Brian Weis

It is safe to say that since we last interviewed the hyper-active Brian Weis, there have been some major changes in his life. Don Bambrick‘s talented protégé made the switch from the defunct SSM company to Razors, and bounced from the local Haunted Wheels Co. to Adam Jonshon’s revamped Street Urethane, all the while securing a well-deserved spot on the Ground Control team roster.

Not only is the young man shredding hard on them plastic boots, he also shoots some great photographs, as you might have seen on Be-Mag already, and recently hosted his first solo exhibition. Introducing the new WS Selects series, Brian just dropped a banging section in collaboration with Anthony Medina, which the pair shot down in warm & sunny Texas… More than enough reasons to catch up with Detroit‘s pride for our newest Top 5 interview!


Words: Freddy White
Interview: Josip Jagic & Freddy White
Photography: Brad Osantoski, Keaton Newsom, Abbee Rickman & Matt Osantoski

Top 5 best things about Detroit
– Blade Scene
Red Wings
– Friends & family
– Better made rainbow chips & a rock n’ rye
– Heart and soul

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Driven
– Passionate
– Funny
– Adventurous
– Forever young

Top 5 Blade events you’ve been to
Motor Town Classic
Hangaren Blade Jam
A-Town Stomp

Top 5 reasons to rep Street Urethane
– Shared passion & vision
– AJ’s the man
– We’re family
– Supports blading
– Real

Top 5 hardest tricks you tried for your WS Selects section
– Soul up the kinked wall bar, didn’t take long but I went from not even close to catching my leg in the supports to getting kicked out to one last try to laced haha!
– Makio broken wall bar to TTA, kept getting kicked out and the rail kept breaking, I was determined ha!
– Full ao topporn, I kicked and broke Ant’s lens, I was scared to do it after that ahahah!
– One that didn’t make the cut, it’s in the b-roll video though, 180 over the yellow bar to zero mak jump up zero acid. That was a battle, and a battle I lost haha well kinda, Ant’s girl Abbee bought me ice cream after.
– Wally backslide, hard because I only had a handful of tries and the wall was giving in, pressures on.

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Top 5 Detroit skaters – past and present
B Murph
Jake Roose
– Don Bambrick
Luke Naylor
Ed Gilley

Top 5 things to do besides blading
– Shoot photographs
– Music/shows
– Wander & adventure
– Find new spots
– Hanging with my lady and doing all the above

Top 5 most played on your itunes
Roky Erickson
Talking Heads
Haunted Leather
– MC5

Top 5 ways to annoy you
– Not being yourself
– Acting like there’s nothing you can do when you have choices
– Tell me how to live my life
– Shitty music or turning down good music
– “I can’t”

Top 5 best things about travelling
– Learning and freedom
– Focusing on what really matters in the moment
– Adventures and memories
– New friends and old friends
– Simple life

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Top 5 items to bring on tour
– Socks
– Camera
– Granola bars
– Epson salt
– A book

Top 5 Detroit skate spots
– Joe Louis parking garage rails
– SW high/gym RIP
– Cuzno High Drop rails
– The WIG
– Northwestern High

Top 5 people you look up to outside of blading
– Parents
– Brother
– My lady
– All my amazingly talented friends
Steve Yzerman

Top 5 worst injuries
– Two skull fractures and a subdural hematoma, 50/50 chance of survival
– Broken scaphoid bones in both wrists
– Dislocated middle finger
– Sprained ankle right before SSM week at Woodward West
– Stitches, lots of stitches haha

Top 5 filmers to film with
– Ant Medina
Chris Smith
– AJ
Alex Beaupre
– Don Bambrick

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Top 5 things you would like to do with blading
– Create, inspire and keep our culture alive and well
– Share the passion with the world
– Continue to challenge myself
– Keep having fun
– Travel and meet those who love the same thing!

Top 5 best things about blading
– Friends
– Going fast
– Flying
– Travels
– Fun

Top 5 life experiences
– Europe with the homies
– Jumping out of a plane
– Getting to do what I love everyday
– Meeting my other half
– The ones yet to come

Top 5 careers you would like to pursue after blading
– Skydive instructor
– Pilot
– Comedian
– Something in music
– Hockey talent scout

Top 5 places to visit before you die
– Spain
– Thailand
– Egyptian Pyramids/Giza
– Yellowstone
– Germany/Italy (family heritage)


Top 5 on the bucket list?
– Explore as much of the world as possible
– Work for myself
– Love as much as possible
– Play a show
– Blade with my name on it

Top 5 moments of your blading career for now
– Seeing Brian Murphy jumping kids at Airborne, eyes wide open after that
– Sweden Tour with Zeb, Hangaren Blade Jam, 016 park etc
– Jumping the mega ramp right before Bolino, 9 and 10! haha
Not Cereal with Bambrick
Wheel with my name on it

Top 5 ways to spent 5$
– Hot and Ready from Little Ceasar’s pizza
– Pot
– A ride
– Stuff it in the piggy bank
– Pinball

Top 5 foods
– Cinnamon waffles and peanut butter
– Avocados
– Bananas
– Tacos from Lupita’s in SW
– Burgers from Marcus hamburgers off McNichols and Mt Elliot

Top 5 blading rituals
Modern skatepark on Wednesdays for blade night
– Puff puff pass
– Gas station drink stops
– Soul grind before anything
– Blade video before a session for some hype

Top 5 things to do before you die
– Blade all my favorite spots around the world
– Fly a plane
– See the 7 wonders of the world
– Swim with sharks
– Go to space


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