Top 5: Antony Pottier

Ever since winning the Winterclash AM contest a couple of years back, Antony Pottier‘s contests performances have spoken for themselves. Of course, it is hard not to appear overshadowed when you share the spotlight with CJ Wellsmore, arguably one of the most impressive competitor in the history of the sport. But take a closer look at the podium, and you will see Antony standing right next to him, just one step below… And maybe not for long.

Competitive by nature, don’t you believe Antony only skates park though: his street skills are just as impressive indeed. If you haven’t seen his sections in Adrien Anne’s video Anonyme yet, make sure to watch them once they drop online. After all, unless they are Brian Shima , not everyone can have both the opening and closing profiles in the same video… Nor lace a death defying ender on three seperate occasions, just to make sure the trick gets the respect it deserves!

Better be on the lookout for Seba’s secret weapon: here is Antony Pottier’s Top 5 interview!


Interview: Freddy White
Photography: Mike Hendrick, Anthony Finocchiaro, Joachim Orban, Régis Pottier

Top 5 things people don’t know about you
– I am a 3 times Belgian BMX racing champion
– I love animals
– I know how to milk cows
– I took part in a few skiing contests in France
– I am circumcised

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Comical
– Determined
– Crane operator
– Friendly
– Thoughtful

Top 5 ways to annoy you
– Force me to sit in a plane for 10 hours
– Invite me to your stepmother’s nephew’s baptism
– Bring me to a skatepark when I’m hurt and can’t skate
– Get stuck in trafic jams
– Make it one minute too late after the last snack closed on the way back from of the party

Top 5 things to do besides blading
– Make love to my woman
– Working, tinkering
– Listen to good music
– Drink some Jack with my mates and a nice barbecue
– Eat well

Top 5 worst things about traveling
– Missing my family and friends
– Be searched thoroughly and imprisoned 10 hours at the customs
– The price of coffee in every airport
– Stretching the timezones a bit too much
– Being on a layover for 17 hours, trapped inside the airport

Top 5 best things about traveling
– Get to visit new cities on my freeskates, along with my friends, rolling around
– Meet new people all around the world, with different cultures and habits
– Sleeping a little bit
– Get to lace up my blades on some legendary spots I see for the first time
– Trying out the food and products in other countries, and be delighted

IMG_6787 3
Photography: Mike Hendrick

Top 5 video sections
– Vinny Minton – (This Is) Salomon
Alex Broskow – Pariah
– Dustin Latimer – Coup de tat
Rémy Meister, live
– The best of Antonin Roux

Top 5 things about riding for Seba
– The travels
– Taking part in many international contests
– The team management and organization
– The skates and all the hardware are top notch
– Being able to compete in the WSX series everywhere in the world, and organizing its contest in Belgium

Top 5 bladers of all time
Dustin Latimer
Vinny Minton
– Jimmy Dubost
Stephane Mosselmans
– Rémy Meister… And some more!

Top 5 places to visit before you die
– Venice Beach
– China and all its Chinese people
– Traveling from one side of Canada to the other
– Vama Veche (Romania)
– Tony Laponcee and Lolé Hafou’s apartment in Brussels

Top 5 CJ Wellsmore moments
– Forgot his skates in Australia when he came over to Europe last year
– Passed out at 10pm the only time he came to Brussels at Rémy and Freddy‘s place
– Lost his Iphone 5 times in 2 years
– His overall impressive performance at the Halloween party in San Diego
– As for the last one, I picture it very well but I will keep it to myself, as I can’t really disclose everything

Top 5 favorite movies
– Dikkenek (Belgian movie)
– How High
– Les Visiteurs
– Snatch
– Any Chinese movie, for parodic dubbing with my friends

Top 5 best things about Belgium
– Best fries
– Best beers
– Best chocolate
– Best parties and festive atmosphere
– Most welcoming people

Top 5 countries you have visited
– Canada
– Mexico
– Unites States
– Spain
– China

IMG_7243 2
Photography: Régis Pottier

Top 5 worst injuries
– Torn shoulder ligaments 15 minutes before the WSX 2014 finals in Shanghai
– Collarbone, twice
– 15 stitches to the head
– Piercing my throat with a metal pole (just 1 millimeter away from the artery that goes up to the brain, I got lucky on that one)
– 12 stitches to the thigh

Top 5 best people
– My parents for everything they have done for me over the past 25 years
– My brother Régis: he is like my second half and we share a great relation
– Melissa, my girlfriend, for supporting me all these years, and doing everything for me
– Joachim, my friend, for always being there at the right time, and his trust in me
– I think the number comes correct, as my parents count for two

Top 5 items to take on tour
– A knife (to slice up certain foods and my toe nails)
– A bat (to play baseball with the homies on the beach or inside the bus)
– A balaclava (in case it gets very cold and windy)
– A backpack (to stuff all my shit in there)
– And make sure to not forget the skates!

Top 5 things about Europe
– Skate trips to Barcelona
– Holland, for plenty of reasons
– The mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria…
– Beer
– Europ’ Assistance

Top 5 worst things about Europe
– François Hollande
– Real TV shows
– Northern Europe weather
– The lack of media coverage of all extreme sports
– Marc Dutroux

Top 5 things about being pro
– Being able to travel everywhere and live my childhood dream
– Testing out new gear and skates before they are even out
– Sharing knowledge and motivation with younger bladers when I am traveling, or even during the sessions here in Belgium
– Skating with the very best riders in the world, which allows me to keep on progressing
– Being given a VIP wristband at the NL contest!

IMG_9199 copie
Photography: Joachim Orban

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