In the midst of the busy holiday season we sadly let a few gems fall through the cracks and didn’t get the chance to host those incredible works, well this incredible piece filmed and edited by Lukas Sladek of the talented Martin Schiffer was a video that we couldn’t let go without giving it an opportunity to be seen. Martin’s video was titled “MATYLDA”, which he had a chance to speak with us about the namesake of the video profile and why it was important to him. Check out what Martin had to say:

The idea to work on a video together with Lukas Sladek was born with the last beer of Winterclash 2020. We thought it could work out well, since Lukas has interesting trick ideas, but due to knee injury he can’t realize them himself. Sometimes he is a true director telling me what I should try that might look cool. As soon as the weather was a bit more skating friendly we started filming in Prague. Unfortunately the first Covid wave hit right after followed by strict restrictions in the Czech Republic. Since I’ve been working in Bavaria and going back to the Czech Republic just for the weekends, it was even harder to meet. Summer was almost over and we didn’t have enough clips and the autumn just arrived. Luckily for us, but not for the country, the government was a bit slow with restrictions this time, so we could meet for couple more sessions in Pilsen, where my family is currently based. In total we spent together 6 days out filming. As many of you, I’m always having trouble searching for the right song. I had spent many hours to select one for this short project, but couldn’t find any. Since the song we used was playing 10 times a day, expecting the birth of our daughter, I thought to myself, it might be a bit bizarre, but let´s go for it. This way I’d like to pay a little tribute to blading since I’ve met my wife through blading and we’ve just become parents to our baby girl Matylda.


Awwwwww….now if that doesn’t tug at your heart strings, I don’t know what will! Despite all the adversities, Martin was able to put together quite an incredible profile filled with many stylish moves on some absolutely gorgeous looking skatespots. We wish baby Matylda well in the coming year and hopefully we will see more incredible content from her talented Daddy soon.


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