Photos | Courtesy Danny Beer & Christian Delfino

THEM Skates is headed to the UK in little under a month to promote the release of the heavily anticipated 909 boot. The team will be stopping off in Manchester February 8th and London February 9th. Tickets are available on and

Over the next few weeks, Be-Mag will be interviewing everyone on the THEM 909 UK tour, getting to know their experiences in Britain, favorite parts of Brit culture, and what tour life means to them.

Next up is in this interview promo about the tour is Danny Beer (@DannyBeer).

 Is this your first time in the UK?


If you find the time to go sightseeing, where would you want to visit? 

I wanna visit the warehouse where my good buddy Colin lives. Happy with anything else we stumble upon. 

What are you most looking forward to on this trip? 

Being a part of the passionate vibe that takes place in the LDN scene. Should be a hoot skating the streets with all the locals. I also can’t wait to plow many English banger breakfasts. 

Do you collect certain knickknacks when you visit a new place? 

I’m a sucker for tourist merch. 

If you had to choose a theme song for this tour, what would it be? 

Lil Jon – shots 

Who is your all time favorite skater from the UK? 

Pack daddy Packham 

Person you’re most likely to get into trouble with on this tour? 

[Sean] Darst 

What do you dread the most about traveling? 

The food selection. 

Do you have any good luck charm you bring on trips?  

A local bag of coffee. Reminds me of home in the best way and then the crew has a backup sac for emergencies. 

What are five essentials you are bringing on this trip? 

• Swim trunks.

• Gore-Tex

• protein powder

• Water bottle


What are some lessons you’ve learned on tour? 

Take less than you think you should. I’ve lost a lot of nice things on tour from over packing, so I’m trying to avoid that! 

Who do you like better

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Queen? 


Sherlock Holmes or James Bond? 

Huge bond fan. Pierce Brosnan kills me and Daniel Craig is straight up inspo. 

Doctor Who or Monty Python? 


Cup o’ tea, pint of beer, or shot of scotch? 

Cup o’joe 

Bronson or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?


Crisps or chips? 

Two foods I don’t entertain

Meat pies or sunday roasts? 

Sunday roast banger

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