Jonathan Labez was at this year’s Blading cup and he captured some of the best portraits showing the diversity rollerblading has to offer. Jonathan, thanks for your great work. – Josip

To me, blade events aren’t about the tricks landed. That’s not what makes an event. If you’ve been to Winterclash, Bittercold, or Pow-Wow, you know the magic of these big get togethers — you’ve felt that crowd building energy. Everyone is electrified. Everyone is best mood they’ll ever be in. They charge the air. Anticipation glows in every face there. To see what transpires. To see friends old and new, far and near. To see our unofficial family.

The crowd makes these events. Every single person. The pros, the ams, the veterans, the newly joined, the weekend warrior. Everyone one at these events feeds the collective spark we feel.

My goal is to capture that zest and fervor in a still. When someone looks at these photos, I want them to know what it was like to be there. Not just the hammers dropped. — Jonathan Labez



































































































































































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