Daniel Knapmiller has just released his highly anticipated The Crow VOD which features multiple profiles from the always inspiring Chris Farmer and Kevin/Kenji Yee as well as sections from Brett Dasovic, Michael Garlinghouse, Jeph Howard, Brett Hammond and Chemi Simiyu as well as features from Minnesota finest blading talents such as Kevin Meland, Mike Lufholm, David Walsh, Brad Magnuson and surprise appearances from legends like Jake Moreau and so many more.

The Crow runs a whopping 100 minutes of pure blading goodness scored to an eclectic selection of musical choices that will keep you glued to your screen for quite sometime! If you are like me, than you will likely have to pause the video for a quick skate session because you will be too juiced from the many noteworthy profiles to make it all the way through in one sitting!

The Crow VOD even features contest coverage from the “eX-Games” street competition in Minneapolis which was held right outside of the real X-Games event. The Crow Crew (could we call them The Murder for fun?) was in attendance displaying “Tony Hawk Touched” picket-signs outside the event. The guys even went as far as leaving “Tony Hawk Touched” stickers on the professional skateboarder’s mailbox at his multi-million dollar home. Well played! Haha

You can tell the boys put in a ton of work in creating the the video and if want to support one of the best scenes within blading than you definitely need to pick up The Crow VOD and support the homies and purchase the VOD today. Click the picture or follow the link below.


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