Takeshi Yasutoko is widely considered as the best vert skater of all time and not just within the inline skating community, but in ALL of action sports. His contests winnings could not easily be counted and his level of skating continues to lead the pack, by a rather healthy margin. And yet Takeshi still continues to progress and push the boundaries of a discipline that is often overlooked and under valued within the blading media. The reasoning why makes no sense, as his skating is obviously mind blowing to watch!

In his most recent video, Takeshi started testing out the newest Undercover APEX wheel collection, a line of wheels made specifically for skatepark transitions and vert skating. The wheels feature a unique aluminum core and come in a wide variety of sizes such as 60mm, 64mm and 68mm.

So check out Takeshi ripping up his second home at “G” Skatepark in Kobe City, Japan and putting the new UC APEX wheels to the test!

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