Straight Jacket Tour DVD project fund on

Quoting Adam Johnson:

“Hey there, Adam Johnson here, currently the Straight Jacket Team is touring
the USA and Canada filming for a giant video project. Check the details here
at our link on for fundraising options. We appreciate your
time and hope that you would want to take part.”

Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Chris Haffey, Don Bambrick, Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, John Bolino, Billy O’Neill, Michael Collins, Brenton Wheeler, Brian Freeman, Jeff Stockwell, Rachard Johnson, will all be touring America to make one of the best skate flicks to date.

We will be touring through Austin, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Millwaukee, Madison, Philadelphia, Columbus, Manhattan, Boston, DC, Saint Louis, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, Reno, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. We are touring in a 15 passenger van equipped with party lights and a generator for night skating.

In most cities we will be staying in hotels and motels. Living arrangements, food, and gas will be the major allocation of these funds. At 10 miles/ gallon and over 15,000 miles of road ahead of us we are looking at a healthy $5,250.00 in gas alone. Obviously we aren’t trying to have our entire project funded by outside sources which is why our goal is a meager $5,000 of our overall budget of $20,000.00