Leon and I are very happy and excited for those of you that are coming this
weekend. We’re hoping that those of you on the fence will decide to make the
effort to be in Vancouver and we’re sad that some of you won’t be
coming. If you haven’t been to Vancouver before, this is the perfect excuse
to come check out this amazing city and meet alot of cool people.

For those of you from out of town or country that have questions about how
to get here or where to stay when you are here, just email us
([email protected] or [email protected]) and we’ll help you out.

Please invite all your friends (rollerbladers and non rollerbladers) to part
or all of the event. Bring them by the shop to check it out or get them out
to one of the movie premiers. It will be a fun few days.

The whole goal is get all you rollerbladers stoked about rollerblading up
here in this awesome country we live in called Canada and to make it known
to everyone else what it is we do and to let everyone know there’s a shop
that anyone can walk into and get whatever they need to start/continue

So the more people that come, especially people that might not rollerblade,
the better. If everyone can bring at least one or two other people with them
that will double or triple the amount of people we can influence.

Thanks for your continued support guys, Shop-Task wouldn’t be here if it
weren’t for all of you. See you next week!

Asking someone in person, face to face, to come with you to the event is
best but if you want to use Facebook just send them this

For all the info about the event please go