Our friends Francis Ali & Adriaan Poortmans have just released their newest VOD “Sandy Bastards” in association with:

Bladelife Clothing, XCCV, Patspang, Bobik Lee, Guerrero Soldados, Grindhoven & Belgium Blading.

If you were a fan of the previous works from Francis & Adriaan, than this new video will surely aim to please! With the lineup featuring some of Europe’s best skaters, we don’t see how it can be anything but incredible!

Featuring the incredible skating talents of:

Omri Baum, Francis Ali , Kalleo Hipolito, Michael Prado, Daniel Deitch, Matty Vella, Mike Simpson, Justas Karčauskas , Lennert Goormans, Adriaan Poortmans , Tom Couvreur, Randy Abels, Davie Nijenbrink, Wisse Ankersmit, Duncan Labyn, Sammy Optiks, Greg Tawell, Anton Yehuda Green, Rob Dalton, Noam Hamenachem, Casper Cordua, Jeroen Wullems, Timmy Vanilli, Kenny Owens, Matt Keating and many more!

Filmed and edited by Francis Ali & Adriaan Poortmans.

Follow the Sellfy link below & support the guys!

Here are some beautiful 35mm photos provided by Omri Baum from the filming process of Sandy Bastards.

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