Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 1 – Where The Magic Happens

Photography by Felix Strosetzki
Words by Freddy White

Afternoon – Being set in the early summer days, Roskilde seems like the perfect time to launch the Scandinavian Real Street Contest series. With that many pros, talented amateurs and hungry up-and-comers all gathered in one place, it goes without saying it all went according to the plan. Highlight of the day was most definitely the junior comp, which proved how healthy the local scene is, and showing that there’s hope for a future generation of bladers to eventually take over our little world. All spots got murdered in unexpected ways, leaving a couple holes in the rooftops here and there, and a Viking version of Montre Livingston took first place in the pro event. The vibe of the whole thing made it look much more like a (really) high level session though, which lasted late into the evening with some concrete bowl shredding and a barbecue where everybody got to enjoy drinks and hot dogs, thanks to the great people over at RAD & Hal 12.

Evening – There are already shows and happenings taking place everywhere, and I can’t wait to be done with this so I can leave this container and share some drinks & great times with the boys. May I survive the night to tell you the stories and bring you another update tomorrow!