Roskilde 2011 Live-Update #3 – Checking in with Montre Livingston

Interview by Johannes Jacobi
Photography by Alexander Schneider
Edit by Ronni Skovmand 

When did you arrive and how do you feel right now? It’s your first time at this festival, right?

Yeah, it’s my first time. I arrived here on Sunday, we drove here from Amsterdam. When I arrived here my tent was already set up, which is awesome. And I’ve been skating ever since.

Whats your first impression of everything? 

Shit… My first impressions… This place is just crazy, that’s all I can say. There are so many people here that are really nice. It’s just fun, a sick party!

Have you been to other festivals before?

Actually this is my first really big festival. I’ve been to the FISE and some smaller stuff at home, but nothing is compared to this. This is just ridiculous. It’s like a Woodstock situation.

Are you staying at the festival the whole time, or are you going to Copenhagen at some point?

I think I will be going back an forth. My friend Christian (Berg) who skates for Shima Skates has this sick “Trash Park” built by himself and the friends and we will skate that for sure.

Did you came to Europe just for the festival or are you doing some other stuff afterwards?

Actually I’ve been here for a while already. I’m on tour right now and went to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Belgium before. Afterwards I’m going to Paris for three days and then England for the Nass Festival. That’s going to be fun, man!

Alright, last question: Tell us something about the “Shima Video”, please.

Yeah, we just started filming more or less, since we had to make sure that everybody in the US and Europe has their skates before we could start. But it’s going to be a great video. A really, really good video!

Is it coming out this year or next year?

I’m not sure. I think it will be next year, unless we just hammer it out and get it ready for Christmas.

Thanks for your time and congrats for taking second place today!