Vibralux Media just dropped their tenth installment of their stand-alone VOD series featuring the Spanish icon, Marc Moreno! “Revolta!” was released earlier this year as a video-on-demand and was just made available for free to celebrate Marc’s birthday. (So be sure to drop a buck in Marc’s Paypal to show your appreciation!) Revolta’s unique monochrome visuals give it a distinct look that is reminiscent of A.J‘s earlier work on KFC 3 & also creates an appropriate revolutionary theme that is very representative of Catalonia’s current political crisis.

In what could easily be considered a top contender for video section of the year, Marc Moreno has put together in my opinion his best section to date, which is really saying something considering Marc’s lengthy skating career! Marc & A.J find a happy medium of blending perfectly executed hammers, innovative technical switchups and endless connections, all done with more estilo than you shake a maraca at.

If you would like to contribute to directly to Marc, put a drop in the plate here!

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