Introduction by Doug Williams
Video by Hawke Trackler
Photos by Colin Batu
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When it all began a couple of decades ago, no one thought it would still be around, there wasn’t any money, shit it was basically Louisville vs. Lexington, but people came from other places and we skated all day in Lexington drove to Louisville partied hard (like real hard) then skated all day in Louisville just “having a blast”, we decided that we’d do it next year, and that began a pattern of events that have lead 20 years later to now. After 18 years straight doing just about everything, I decided to let Scott Hatton take over the reigns to continue what we started here in Kentucky, he’s more than upped the game and still keeps tradition. Bring a bunch of dudes together and get them skating their hearts out because they wanted a chance at a title that’s become a staple here in Kentucky, because it’s not just us it’s whoever wants to come blade, because that’s the way it’s always been. You come, you rollerblade hard as fuck, and have a blast..  It’s the KY Battle, 2 decades deep in the game… See you next year…

P.S. Let me take the time to thank Scott for his dedication to this, I wouldn’t have anyone else because of that alone… That a’boy, Cliff…


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