Pietro Firrincieli's 'Blade Diary' Funding

Blade Diary Promo Video

Quoting Pietro Firrincieli:

I can remember that Susan Sontag once said that photographs actively promote nostalgia and I think it’s true. We live fast and what remain are memories and in the best case – photographs.

Web, as cinema, as life, is a stream but memories and photographs need to be fixed and the best way to do that is still on paper.

This is why I decided to let the ‘Blade Diary become fanzines, maybe with your help.

Every fanzine will pay the print of the next one and with your pledge of 5 € you will receive the current issue at your home with no more expense. I will pay the delivery to everywhere in the world so everybody will have the same thing for the same price as Warhol once said about democracy and Coca Cola.

Thanks for your help!

-Pietro Firrincieli

Find Pietros website over here. The yellow button wich says ‘Donate’ is what you want to click on.