A few weeks ago Be-Mag’s contributing photographer Pietro Firrincieli participated in the Gazebook photobook festival, an international happening that takes place under a lighthouse in the beautiful Sicilian town of Punta Secca. During the three days of the festival, there were workshops, talks, and exhibitions of Italian and international photographers who represent the best in their photography field.

Photography: Andrea Copetti / TIPI bookshop and Arianna Angeloni


Some of this year’s names were Martin Parr, Olivia Arthur, Adam Broomberg, Collin Pantal, Lina Pallotta and Maurizio Garofalo, well known in the art photography world.

He got there after an invitation as Emerging Photographer of this edition to do an exhibition. Of course, he presented the BLADE DIARY.

Pietro writes that it’s the first time that blading got exhibited in an art show at an international level, without any compromises. The pictures are the same that were used for Be-Mag and got published in L’ Espresso magazine too.


“I’ve decided to paint some of the words in the book with a brush on the wall to give to any kind of audience a universal access key to the story they could relate with, and to evoke the atmosphere of the streets, were our culture belongs. I tried to keep it real, in fact”, Pietro tells us of his concept for the exhibition.

Pietro continues his tireless work as an artist and rollerblader photographer, and he’s got some good news for us all.

Soon, he will deliver the BLADE DIARY book, and he’s preparing an even bigger project, to find a proper publisher and put the Blade diary in bookshops, but the one that he self published will stay as a collector’s item, in limited edition.

Always on the prowl for the next shoot, he’s been on tour in the Dolomites with Flabby Muscles and Carson Starnes and shot some for a zine and a video that will drop at some point before xmas. You can check his latest work on Instagram.

For the past few years, he’s also been preparing a new blading related project, and he says it might just take a couple more to finish.




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