Photo Gallery: Sebastian Hofer

Throughout the years, long time Be-Mag photographer Sebastian Hofer has collected what can only be described as an amazing gallery of pictures. For both print and online features, his work shines through, and as we were recently going through the Be-Mag archives all over again, we decided to make a selection of Basti’s most stunning photographs and share them with the world one more time! While he is currently working on a new project with us, this should help you wait until Sebastian’s next piece of art is all ready to go live: enjoy!

Visit Sebastian Hofer’s website here:
Check out his Winterclash 2016 gallery:

JoZenk-Fishbrain-Essem Jo Zenk / Fishbrain / Essen

MatthiasOgger-BackSavannah-Garching Matthias Ogger / Backside savannah / Garching

AlexanderRudolf-Wallride-Munich Alexander Rudolf / Wallride / Munich

BrianAragon-540AoSoul-Bochum Brian Aragon / 540 soyale / Bochum

BrianShima-MistyFlip-FlicFlacCircus Brian Shima / Misty flip / Flic Flac Circus

DanielGourski-Savannah-Moscow Daniel Gourski / Savannah / Moscow

DanielPrell-TopAcid-Augsburg Daniel Prell / Topside acid / Augsburg

DenizBähtke-FrontNugen-Dortmund Deniz Baehtke / Frontside full torque / Dortmund

DenizBähtke-RunUp-Dortmund Deniz Baehtke / Dortmund

EugenEnin-FrontNugen-Dortmund Eugen Enin / Frontside full torque / Dortmund

JelleBriggeman-Backside-Winterclash Jelle Briggeman / Backside UFO / Winterclash

JoaoGonzalés-360SafteyGrab-Dortmund Joao Goncalves / 360 saftey / Dortmund

JoZenk-AoTopSoul-Mu╠ênster Jo Zenk / Alley oop top soul / Münster

MaikLojewski-Unity-Recklinghausen Maik Lojewski / Unity / Recklinghausen

BrianAragon-FishbrainToTrueSoyale-Bochum Brian Aragon / Fishbrain to true spin topside soyale / Bochum

AlexanderRudolf-TrueMistral-Munich Alexander Rudolf / True spin mistral / Munich

MatthiasVonGostomski-FullpipeShuffle-Garching Mathias von Gostomski / Fullpipe shuffle / Garching

MaxVisser-AoWallride-Hamburg Max Visser / Alley oop wallride / Hamburg

MichelLorenzen-Fishbrain-Erding Michel Lorenzen / Fishbrain / Erding

PhillipPreuss-180Mute-Bochum Philipp Preuss / 180 mute / Bochum

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